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Dragon Ball Super: Broly

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 Directed by

 Release Date
December 14, 2018

100 minutes

Nana Mizuki Chirai (voice)
Kouichi Yamadera Beerus (voice)
Takeshi Kusao Trunks (voice)

Directed by Tatsuya Nagamine
Screenplay by Akira Toriyama

Goku: Masako Nozawa
Vegeta: Ryō Horikawa
Broly: Bin Shimada
Frieza: Ryūsei Nakao
Paragus: Katsuhisa Hōki
Bulma: Aya Hisakawa
Piccolo: Toshio Furukawa

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Big Event, Bad 3D
By Gruic on January 26, 2019

Movie theater.
First things first, Dragon Ball Super: Broly is a movie you need to see on a big screen. It's a quite spectacular show, that's for sure. In my opinion, the best thing in Broly is the sound. Sound impacts are very powerful and immersive and it's just perfect at the movie theater, surrounding by the fandom, dads with sons, for a multi-generational moment.

The first part of the movie is good. Like very good. It starts with an adaptation of the extra manga Dragon Ball Minus with the addition of Broly and Paragus. Yep, another villain recycle. The canon starts to integrate non-canonical characters and it's not very creative.
And that's pretty much it. After that, Team-Toriyama just gives fans what they want and it's usually a bad idea.

During the first hour, the directing is very inspiring and strong. There are 3D effects here and there, but only for objects or sceneries. And then... shit happens. During the fight Goku VS Broly, character starts to be in 3D as well. The staff tries to hide that with a very aggressive directing and everything turns into shit. After a very good hour, the last part of the movie is a mess, makes in a hurry.

No blood, of course. Because everybody knows that showing blood to the new generation will instantly turn children into unstable murderers and rapists.

As usual, Goku, Vegeta, Beerus, Whis and Piccolo are just self-parodies. Toriyama is offering his vision of the character of Broly and... it's ok. I think. I enjoyed some moments with new characters as well as the Cold family and army scenes. Well. Let's say I loved it, because, you know, the first part of the movie is amazing.

For the first time since his birth, Gohan is absent from a Dragon Ball film (Bardock is not a film), as well as Krillin, a super regular character in films as well (with minor exceptions), and that's very sad. Since it's back, writers want us to believe that Dragon Ball is the story of Goku and his side-kick Vegeta. It's not. Dragon Ball is the story of Goku and his friends/family, Saiyans, humans, 3eyes, Namekians, majins... the Z-Team!

At least, writers can't fuck with Gohan if he is not in it, right ?

So, 7/10 for the first part, 3/10 for the last one, it's a 5/10.

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