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Malibu Rescue - The Movie


Malibu Rescue - The Movie on IMDb

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 Written by
Jed Elinoff Writer
Scott Thomas Writer

 Directed by
Savage Steve Holland


 Release Date
November 30, -0001

Ricardo Hurtado
Breanna Yde
Jackie R. Jacobson
Abby Donnelly
Alkoya Brunson
Ella Gross
JT Neal
Curtis Armstrong
  Mr. Rathbone
Ian Ziering
  Garvin Cross
Jeremy Howard
Jeff Meacham
Catia Ojeda
Camaron Engels
Treisa Gary
  Officer Wagstaff
Austin Fryberger
Molly Haldeman
  Jeffy's Mom
Rodney J. Hobbs
  The Mayor
Mary Passeri
  Lizzie's Mom
Brian Nuesi
  Junior Lifeguard

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