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The Science of Interstellar
The Science of Interstellar on IMDb

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 Written by

 Directed by
Gail Willumsen


 Release Date
November 25, 2014

0 hours and 50 minutes (50 minutes)

Kip Thorne
Matthew McConaughey
Sean Carroll

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Short but interesting
By Jack Anderson on September 18, 2018

As an admirer of Interstellar, I recently discovered that there was a short documentary about the science of the film. Narrated by Interstellar lead actor Matthew McConaughey, the film is especially interesting for people who are not very informed about Space but are nevertheless interested. Most facts where already known to me, hence why I did not learn so much, but still, I recommend watching it if you really admire Interstellar.

I was literally beyond fascinated when an astrophysicist talked about Kepler-186f, an exoplanet located more than 500 light-years away from Earth.

Meanwhile, the depiction of spacetime was also very entertaining, explaining that space and time are actually inseparable and are, well, one thing.

Time is not experienced the same, based on mostly gravity. As an example, time on a GPS satellite clock advances faster than a clock on Earth by about 38 microseconds per day. This is automatically balanced. Time on Earth and at a level of a satellite in Space is not the same.

The movie then talks about wormholes, and I really liked the fact that they explain that all movies are basically getting it wrong. This is the first time that they depict a wormhole as a visual sphere instead of a kind of water drain.

A nice short movie. The soundtrack is poor and it has been as quickly drafted as I did with this very poor review. I give it 5 out of 10. Good.

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