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The Land Before Time

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 Written by
Stu Krieger Screenplay
Judy Freudberg Story
Tony Geiss Story

 Directed by
Don Bluth


 Release Date
November 18, 1988

1 hours and 9 minutes (69 minutes)

Gabriel Damon
Candace Hutson
Judith Barsi
Will Ryan
Pat Hingle
Helen Shaver
  Littlefoot's Mother
Bill Erwin
Burke Byrnes
  Daddy Topps
Frank Welker
  Velociraptor (voice)

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Whispering Winds
By Gruic on August 19, 2018

June 1989.

The Land Before Time popped in Theater in France. Like every kids, I was a huge dinosaurs fan (still do) and my mother takes me to the cinema. What can I say ? It was a powerful and magic day. Legendary Don Bluth and great writers, Judy Freudberg, David Kirschner and Tony Geiss offer me a stunning 1 hour eternal gift.

But the best part of that day was the music of James Horner. Probably one of the best Soundtrack of all time. That's simple, everyone knows The Land Before Time soundtracks, especially Whispering Winds, even without knowing the movie. An eternal masterpiece.

Rest in peace James Horner, you made my childhood great. And thank you mother.

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