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A Star Is Born
A Star Is Born on IMDb

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 Written by
Bradley Cooper Screenplay
Will Fetters Screenplay
Eric Roth Screenplay
William A. Wellman Story
Robert Carson Story
Moss Hart Original Film Writer
John Gregory Dunne Original Film Writer
Joan Didion Original Film Writer
Frank Pierson Original Film Writer

 Directed by
Bradley Cooper

 Release Date
October 3, 2018

2 hours and 15 minutes (135 minutes)

Lady Gaga
  Ally Campana
Bradley Cooper
  Jackson Maine
Sam Elliott
  Bobby Maine
Andrew Dice Clay
  Lorenzo Campana
Rafi Gavron
  Rez Gavron
Dave Chappelle
  George "Noodles" Stone
Alec Baldwin
Marlon Williams
Ron Rifkin
Barry Shabaka Henley
  Little Feet
Michael D. Roberts
Michael Harney
Rebecca Field
Willam Belli
Greg Grunberg
D.J. "Shangela" Pierce
  Drag Bar Emcee
Eddie Griffin
Drena De Niro
  Paulette Stone
Gabe Fazio
Don Roy King

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Half excellent, half boring
By Jack Anderson on March 3, 2019

I usually don't watch trailers of films I plan to watch. This was the case with "A Star Is Born". I was really looking forward to see the grand cinema debut from Lady Gaga, a great artist far better and deeper than what many would think about her.
Ironically, when watching the trailer just after watching the film for the first time, I think it shows exactly the beauty of the film, as well as its main flaw.
The first official trailer focuses almost 100% on the first part of the film, the one where Jackson, portrayed by Bradley Cooper, meets Ally (Lady Gaga). There is a true beauty in their first meeting and their ongoing romance. I really loved it.
But then, as soon as Ally meets her producer, the rest of the film fell totally out of place. We have all seen so many times the fake scenes of producers forcing artists to jump into the show business.
It's a shame, because the film could really have been great, unfortunately, I could not enjoy the second part.

A great first part with a poor second one. I give it only 5 out of 10 because of that.

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