Slayers: The Motion Picture

1995  63 MN


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Hiroshi Watanabe
Kazuo Yamazaki

 Release Date

August 5, 1995


1h3m (63 min)

 Top Billed Cast

 Megumi Hayashibara
 Lina Inverse
 Maria Kawamura
 Naga the Serpent
 Keiji Fujiwara
 Tesshou Genda
 Daisuke Gouri

 Written by

Hajime Kanzaka Original Story
Kazuo Yamazaki Screenplay



Megumi Hayashibara
  Lina Inverse
Maria Kawamura
  Naga the Serpent
Keiji Fujiwara
Tesshou Genda
Daisuke Gouri
Kazuhiko Kishino
  Hotel Owner
Osamu Saka
Masaharu Satō
  Onsen Master
Kiyonobu Suzuki
Minami Takayama
  Young Rowdy
Norio Wakamoto
Takumi Yamazaki


Hiroshi Watanabe
Kazuo Yamazaki
Hajime Kanzaka
  Original Story
Kazuo Yamazaki
Tôru Suzuki
Tsuguhiko Kadokawa
  Executive Producer
Takayuki Hattori
  Original Music Composer
Takashi Atsuhata
Yuusuke Takeda
  Art Direction
Yasue Funami
Katsuyoshi Kobayashi
  Sound Director


Original title : Slayers, スレイヤーズ, also known as Slayers Perfect


 New Quote

Rowdy Gabriev: So, your name is Lina Inverse?

Naga the Serpent: But they always say that you should never judge a book by its cover.

Naga the Serpent: Meat tastes best just before it spoils.

Naga the Serpent: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


 New Review

Great soundtrack
By Gruic on August 18, 2018

The first Slayers movie is the only one who tries to deliver a solid story. It was a laudable attempt but it ends on a failure. The first part of the movie is long. Too long. Then when big stuff happens... it's too fast. It seems the staff ran out of time and cut 5 or 10 minutes of the initial story board, resuling on a awkward storytelling.

That's sad because the movie is very beautiful. Nice colors and directing, amazing songs and musics, and Megumi Hayashibara and Maria Kawamura are incredlibly talented.

A good movie that fails to be a masterpiece.

By Jack Anderson on December 9, 2018

In the first Slayers movie, we get to discover the young character of Lina Inverse, a very interesting... mage or sorcerer or wizard or magician or whatever is the her official title.

She is soon after met with yet another sorcerer, Naga the Serpent, a female character with boobs bigger than Pamela Anderson's breast in the 90's. While I can understand the fun aspect of male animators wanting to add sexy characters, I think this is over the top. Naga's breast is so big it's laughable. Naga can be seen literally sucking a sucker and later on sucking on her own fingers. Meanwhile, she seems to wear only a very short thong, which is, to me, beyond the yellow line between fun slash sexy versus sexist. Yes, I've used that word and probably lost the argument already.

But the biggest problem is not in the form of breast or thong. The first word that comes to mind while watching this film is mundane. There is virtually no story in Slayers: The Motion Picture. The two characters randomly go from one place to another, meeting characters that are usually not very interesting and do not move the story forward.
What we understand very soon is that they need to fight all the most threatening bad characters from the Mipross Island.

And this is even worse. Each fight is so random that most of those are ultimately pointless and as short as Naga's lingerie. This is why I usually do not appreciate stories with wizards. Most of the time, their universe are so opened and imaginative that it reduces the sense of realism. Suddenly, anything can happen and instead of seeing marvels, we are bored to death by characters who stupendously explain what happens on the screen. "Oh no, she's using the famous whatever-field!" and the fight is over. "Oh no, she's using the famous whatever-attack!" and that's it.

Also, once I understood that Lina and Naga would need to fight each bad guy from the island, I immediately uncovered that the little green creature would be the number one bad guy. That was so obvious that it felt counter-productive.

Also, all the film's story is packed into the last 15 minutes. I think it would have been much easier to have Young Rowdy asking Lina's help in the dreams, right from the beginning. That would have been much more captivating.

Surely, there were things I liked, such as all the dreaming scenes. Suddenly, things were really interesting and artistic as well.

Also, the animation, especially during the dreams or flash-backs was from good to very good.

I was quite impressed by the fact that the music seems to be orchestral. That's rare enough to be mentioned. Most of the time, the music made boring scene almost compelling.

Finally, it is probably a small thing, but I really loved the concept of the sword of light.

I give it 3 out of 10, bad, mostly because of the lack of story, or the fact that it is only packed at the very end.


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Slayers vs Slayers Perfect
By Jack Anderson on 2018-12-08 18:04:46 ET
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366 days ago
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