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 Written by
Scott Rosenberg Screenplay
Jeff Pinkner Screenplay
Todd McFarlane Characters
Jeff Pinkner Screenstory
Scott Rosenberg Screenstory

 Directed by
Ruben Fleischer


 Release Date
September 28, 2018

112 minutes

Tom Hardy Eddie Brock / Venom
Michelle Williams Anne Weying
Riz Ahmed Carlton Drake / Riot
Scott Haze Security Chief Roland Treece
Reid Scott Dr. Dan Lewis
Jenny Slate Dr. Dora Skirth
Melora Walters Homeless Woman Maria
Woody Harrelson Carnage / Cletus Kasady
Wayne Pére Dr. Emerson
Michelle Lee Malaysia EMT / Riot Host
Emilio Rivera Lobby Guard Richard
Roger Yuan Village Eel Shop Owner
Woon Young Park Malaysia Village Tough #1
Vickie Eng Elderly Village Woman / Riot Host
Nick Thune Beardo at Bar
Lucas Fleischer Guard at Gate
Victor McCay Diner #2
Ron Prather Diner #4
Ellen Gerstein Hospital Lady with Dog / Mrs. Manfredi
Stan Lee Dapper Dog Walker
Wade Williams Prison Guard
Ron Cephas Jones Jack (uncredited)

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New Second Venom Trailer Just Released
by Jack Anderson on 2018-08-01 02:36:42 ET
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