Little White Lies 2
Nous finirons ensemble

2019  135 MN


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Guillaume Canet

The result of the small handkerchiefs "Petits mouchoirs", 7 years later. The band, which erupted, is found on the occasion of the anniversary surprise organized for Max.

 Release Date

May 1, 2019


2h15m (135 min)

 Top Billed Cast

 François Cluzet
 Max Cantara
 Marion Cotillard
 Gilles Lellouche
 Laurent Lafitte
 Benoît Magimel
 Vincent Ribaud
 Pascale Arbillot
 Isabelle, l'ex femme de Vincent

 Written by

Guillaume Canet Writer
Rodolphe Lauga Writer



François Cluzet
  Max Cantara
Marion Cotillard
Gilles Lellouche
Laurent Lafitte
Benoît Magimel
  Vincent Ribaud
Pascale Arbillot
  Isabelle, l'ex femme de Vincent
Valérie Bonneton
  Véronique, l'ex femme de Max
José Garcia
Joël Dupuch
Clémentine Baert
  Sabine, la nouvelle compagne de Max
Jean Dujardin
Tatiana Gousseff
  Catherine, la nounou de la fille d'Éric
Gwendoline Hamon
  Géraldine, une amie de Véronique
Marc Mairé
  Arthur, le fils de Max et Véronique
Jeanne Dupuch
  Jeanne, la fille de Max et Véronique
Néo Broca
  Elliot, le fils de Vincent et Isabelle
Karim Adda
Alexandra Mercouroff
  Mme Lagrange
Xavier Alcan
  M. Lagrange
Philippe Vieux
  L'agent immobilier


Guillaume Canet
Guillaume Canet
Alain Attal
Christophe Offenstein
  Director of Photography
Carine Sarfati
  Costume Design
Philippe Chiffre
  Production Design
Rodolphe Lauga


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Pathos II
By Jack Anderson on July 21, 2020

The (un)friendly group is back for a second adventure. On the menu today: more pathos in an unrealistic package. François Cluzet is always perfect and he basically handles the movie on his own, while his famous co-stars are just that, famous.

The film is consistent in the sense that it did not learn the lessons from the first one. There is no cathartic moment or evolution in the characters. They move so quickly from one emotion to another and then back to another one that you cannot feel any sort of logical path. There is no path. The path is an intricated web.
For instance, in one scene the primary character tries to hang himself. 60 seconds later the group is back on the sea looking for missing children. Then all is well. Okay. At least we have some music that tells you things are good.

I give it 4 out of 10. Average.


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