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To the Bone

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 Written by
Marti Noxon Screenplay

 Directed by
Marti Noxon

A young woman dealing with anorexia meets an unconventional doctor who challenges her to face her condition and embrace life.

 Release Date
January 22, 2017

107 minutes

Lily Collins Ellen
Carrie Preston Susan
Lili Taylor Judy
Keanu Reeves Dr. William Beckham
Alex Sharp Luke
Liana Liberato Kelly
Brooke Smith Olive
Leslie Bibb Megan
Kathryn Prescott Anna
Ciara Bravo Tracy
Maya Eshet Pearl
Lindsey McDowell Kendra
Retta Lobo
Joanna Sanchez Rosa
Alanna Ubach Karen
Hana Hayes Chloe
Michael B. Silver Dr. Weiner
Rebekah Kennedy Penny
Dana L. Wilson Margo
Don O. Knowlton Jack
Karen Zahler Grace
Leann Lei Waitress
Yindra Zayas Anorexic Patient
Lauren Jenna Rehab Patient
Ronnie Clark Older Man
Ani Sava Nice looking woman
Valerie Palincar Mother

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Boring movie
By Jack Anderson on September 2, 2017

While the title and subject of the movie had the potential of a great drama, the result is far from interesting, as if the topic of anorexia itself is not touched, for some obscure reasons. By trying to be original, the film only vaguely scratches the surface of its subject.
In a way, "To the Bone" is quite similar to the feeling of its main character, who doesn't openly explain what she is feeling.
Finally, its conclusion makes no sense.
I give the movie 3 out of 10. Boring.



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