North to Alaska

1960  122 MN

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Henry Hathaway

Sam and George strike gold in Alaska. George sends Sam to Seattle to bring George's fiancé back to Alaska. Sam finds she is already married, and returns instead with Angel. Sam, after trying to get George and Angel together, finally romances Angel, who, in the meantime, is busy fighting off the advances of George's younger brother, Billy.

 Release Date

November 7, 1960


2h2m (122 min)


$ 3,500,000

 Top Billed Cast

 John Wayne
 Sam McCord
 Stewart Granger
 George Pratt
 Ernie Kovacs
 Frankie Canon
 Billy Pratt
 Michelle "Angel" Bonet
 Mickey Shaughnessy
 Peter Boggs

 Written by

Wendell Mayes Screenplay
Ben Hecht Screenplay
John Lee Mahin Screenplay
Ladislas Fodor Screenplay
John H. Kafka Idea
Martin Rackin Screenplay
Claude Binyon Screenplay


These were the adventures . . . fighting, laughing and brawling their way from Seattle to Nome!



John Wayne
  Sam McCord
Stewart Granger
  George Pratt
Ernie Kovacs
  Frankie Canon
  Billy Pratt
  Michelle "Angel" Bonet
Mickey Shaughnessy
  Peter Boggs
Karl Swenson
  Lars Nordqvist
Kathleen Freeman
  Lena Nordqvist
John Qualen
Stanley Adams
Alan Carney
  Bartender (uncredited)
James Griffith
  Salvation Army Leader
Joe Sawyer
  Land Commissioner
Richard Deacon
Johnny Lee
Esther Dale
  Woman at Picnic
Lilyan Chauvin
  Jenny Lamont
Douglas Dick
Joey Faye
Arlene Harris
  Madam of The Hen House
Max Mellinger
  Everett Bishop
Barbara Hines
  Dans Hall girl


Wendell Mayes
Ben Hecht
Charles K. Feldman
Lionel Newman
  Original Music Composer
Leon Shamroy
  Director of Photography
Dorothy Spencer
John Lee Mahin
John Lee Mahin
Henry Hathaway
Henry Hathaway
Ladislas Fodor
John H. Kafka
Martin Rackin
Claude Binyon
Ralf Bendix
  Theme Song Performance
Fred Hall


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John Chard

What did I did?

Out of 20th Century Fox, North to Alaska is directed by Henry Hathaway (& uncredited input from John Wayne) and stars John Wayne, Stewart Granger, Ernie Kovacs, Fabian & Capucine. The film script is based on the play Birthday Gift by Ladislas Fodor, and it's a CinemaScope/Deluxe Color production with Leon Shamroy's cinematography mainly on location at Point Mugu in California. Lionel Newman scores the music and the film also features a hit song of the same name song by Johnny Horton.

The plot sees George Pratt (Granger) & Sam McCord (Wayne) strike gold in Alaska. Nicely set up, George sends Sam to Seattle to bring back his fiancée. However, upon finding the girl, Sam learns that she has married another man and Sam makes the decision to bring back a pretty working girl called Angel (Capucine) as a substitute. Trouble is, is that Angel misunderstands and thinks Sam wants her for himself and begins to fall in love with him. Things are further complicated back in Nome when con man Frankie Canon (Ernie Kovacs) tries to steal their claim. Not only that but Angel has to contend with George's mood swings and the puppy dog like attentions of George's younger brother, Billy (Fabian).

It often gets forgotten just what a good comedy actor John Wayne was. His icon status, and the genre he's most famous for, tends to keep his comedy pieces from being discovered by the casual movie fan. Which is a shame because with films like Donovan's Reef, McLintock! and this here Hathaway treasure, there's enough fun and adventure to blow away the blues. The story in truth is nothing to write home about, it's a standard love triangle piece surrounded by gold rush conning and conniving. While teenage singer Fabian is out of his depth as his hyperactive hormone act quickly loses impetus. Also problematic is that Capucine, though regally pretty, gives a one note and lacklustre performance that needs Wayne & Granger to offset it in the scenes they share with her. And yet the film still works incredibly well as a romantic comedy adventure.

There's as many fists thrown here as there is in a championship boxing bout, with three hilariously staged free for all punch ups within the movie. The chemistry between Wayne & Granger is spot on as they do macho in a comedy stylie, and Kovacs revels in being the moustache twirling con man. Hathaway (stepping in when Richard Fleischer bailed out of the project) was a dab hand at action scenes, with a rolling wagon cart-come-shoot out-punch up sequence as rip roaring as it is funny. Hell! even the animals get in on the act, be it a shaggy loyal dog or head butting goats, they too are filling out the comedy.

There's also a lot of beauty on offer as Shamroy (Cleopatra/Leave Her to Heaven/The Black Swan) turns parts of California into Nome, Alaska. The scenes set around the twin cabin site of Sam & George are filmed at Hot Creek near Mammoth Mountain are simply gorgeous, while Mt. Morrison, a magnificent piece of nature, is featured in the background of many shots. Dorothy Spencer's editing is tight and on the money and Newman's score is brisk and bouncy. This is a far from flawless picture for sure, but what flaws are here are easily forgiven if the viewer is in the right spirit to take the film as it should and was meant to be taken. 8/10


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