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 Written by
Debra Hill Screenplay
John Carpenter Screenplay

 Directed by
John Carpenter


 Release Date
October 24, 1978

1 hours and 31 minutes (91 minutes)

Donald Pleasence
  Dr. Sam Loomis
Jamie Lee Curtis
  Laurie Strode
P.J. Soles
  Lynda van der Klok
Nancy Kyes
  Annie Brackett
Nick Castle
  The Shape
Tony Moran
  Michael Myers
Will Sandin
  Michael Myers (age 6)
Charles Cyphers
  Sheriff Leigh Brackett
Kyle Richards
  Lindsey Wallace
Brian Andrews
  Tommy Doyle
John Michael Graham
  Bob Simms
Nancy Stephens
  Marion Chambers
Arthur Malet
  Graveyard Keeper
Mickey Yablans
Brent Le Page
  Lonnie Elamb
Adam Hollander
Robert Phalen
  Dr. Terence Wynn
Sandy Johnson
  Judith Myers
David Kyle
  Judith's Boyfriend
Peter Griffith
  Morgan Strode
Barry Bernardi
  Dead Mechanic (uncredited)
John Carpenter
  Paul, Annie's Boyfriend (voice) (uncredited)
George O'Hanlon Jr.
  Mr. Peter Myers (uncredited)
Darla Rae
  Student (uncredited)
Gwen Van Dam
  Sanitarium Nurse (uncredited)

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Visually terrific!
By Jack Anderson on July 7, 2018

The first killing is a real thrill. We get to actually be the killer, only to discover at the end that the killer was actually a little boy. That made for a really astonishing opening sequence, in a beautiful uninterrupted shot.

The directing of this movie is really terrific. The camera is moving around like a witness. Even more than a witness, we are completely part of the story and that scary world. While this may not feel like a lot in 2018, back in 1978, that was quite an original storytelling way.

As any typical slasher movie would, the film heavily toys with the audience. Like a classical symphony, we get some very long moments and suddenly a short but impressive melody comes along and takes everything with it. So, one of the characters is left alone, washing her clothes, almost naked, stuck in a window, etc. Many opportunities for the killer to take her life. But no, we wait and wait, which makes the all thing even more fun.

Halloween is definitely a very good movie. I give it 6 out of 10.

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