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A Dog's Journey


A Dog's Journey on IMDb

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 Written by
Cathryn Michon Screenplay
Wallace Wolodarsky Screenplay
Maya Forbes Screenplay
W. Bruce Cameron Novel
W. Bruce Cameron Screenplay

 Directed by
Gail Mancuso


 Release Date
May 17, 2019

Dennis Quaid
Betty Gilpin
Josh Gad
  Bailey (voice)
Abby Ryder Fortson
  Young CJ
Marg Helgenberger
Kathryn Prescott
Ian Chen
  Young Trent
Daniela Barbosa
Jake Manley
Henry Lau
Kevin Claydon
Arlene Duncan
Cherissa Richards
Kenneth Liu
  Trent's Dad
Stefanie Wiens

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‘A Dog’s Journey’ is just like the other films that preceded it - if you want cute dogs, you’ll get cute dogs and that’s about it. Sure, it’s manipulative at times, but three films in, the audience and filmmakers know the dog film checklist like the back of their hand.
- Chris dos Santos

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