Good Boys

2019  89 MN

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Gene Stupnitsky

A group of young boys on the cusp of becoming teenagers embark on an epic quest to fix their broken drone before their parents get home.

 Release Date

August 14, 2019


1h29m (89 min)


$ 20,000,000


$ 72,457,330

 Top Billed Cast

 Jacob Tremblay
 Brady Noon
 Keith L. Williams
 Molly Gordon
 Midori Francis
 Will Forte
 Max's Dad

 Written by

Gene Stupnitsky Writer
Lee Eisenberg Writer


You Must Be This Tall to See This Movie



Jacob Tremblay
Brady Noon
Keith L. Williams
Molly Gordon
Midori Francis
Will Forte
  Max's Dad
Josh Caras
  Lucas' Mom
Lil Rel Howery
  Lucas' Dad
Millie Davis
Enid-Raye Adams
  Thor's Mom
Michaela Watkins
Sam Richardson
  Officer Sacks
Chance Hurstfield
Vanessa Przada
  Kissing Party Girl
Lina Renna
Benita Ha
  Soren's Mom
Maja Aro
  Driving Woman
Matt Ellis
  Mr. K
Jaiven Natt
  Kissing Party Boy
Sean Quan
  Choir Child #1
Vicky Lambert
  Shopping Woman
Christian Darrel Scott
Aaron Paul Stewart
Craig Haas
Ian Hawes
Cody Davis
  Bullied Scab Kid
Everett Adams
  Scab Leader
Marlee Grace Becker
  French Fry Girl
Stephen Merchant
  Claude (uncredited)


Ellen Heuer
  Foley Artist
Jonah Hill
  Executive Producer
Seth Rogen
Nathan Kahane
  Executive Producer
Carla Hetland
  Costume Design
Lisa Love
  Key Makeup Artist
Maureen Webb
  Local Casting
Jeremy Stanbridge
  Production Design
Lyle Workman
  Original Music Composer
Kelli Konop
Evan Goldberg
Colleen Bolton
  Local Casting
Jon Joffin
  Second Unit Director of Photography
Gene Stupnitsky
Gene Stupnitsky
Lee Eisenberg
Lee Eisenberg
David E. Fluhr
  Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Terri Douglas
  ADR Voice Casting
Jonathan Furmanski
  Director of Photography
Rich Delia
  Casting Director
James Weaver
Paul Zucker
  Additional Editor
Andrew Karr
  Visual Effects Supervisor
Richard Ziegler
  Music Editor
Noel Vought
  Foley Artist
John Powers Middleton
  Executive Producer
Peter Grace
  Construction Coordinator
Perry Robertson
  Supervising Sound Editor
John Phillips
  Associate Producer
Peter Mulholland
  Boom Operator
Ed Araquel
  Still Photographer
Gabriel J. Serrano
  Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Sandra-Ken Freeman
  Extras Casting
Scott Sanders
  Supervising Sound Editor
Junichi Hosoi
  "A" Camera Operator
Paul Benjamin
  Special Effects Coordinator
Barb Nixon
  Assistant Costume Designer
Patti Henderson
  Script Supervisor
Daniel Gabbe
Sean Goojha
  Art Direction
Michelle Kuznetsky
  Music Supervisor
Nick Neutra
  Foley Supervisor
Kevin Zimmerman
  Sound Editor
Chris Duesterdiek
  Production Sound Mixer
Rena Campbell
  Costume Supervisor
Tara Arnett
  Assistant Art Director
Beth Stelling
  Associate Producer
Amy Hetland
  Set Costumer
Brady Fujikawa
  Executive Producer
Melina Neufeld
  Graphic Designer
Chris Talson
  Assistant Editor
Candise Paul
  Assistant Set Decoration
Victoria Pearson
  Set Decoration
Christopher C. Fisher
  "B" Camera Operator
Debera Barager
  Production Accountant
Daryl Hartwell
  "A" Camera Operator
Colin Rogers
  ADR Mixer
Jacob McNaughton
  Foley Mixer
Michael John Bugera
  Set Costumer
Nicole LaLoggia
  Post Production Supervisor
Ian Kerr
  "B" Camera Operator
Kjersten Gallagher
  Art Department Coordinator


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walking into the theater i didnt know what to expect from this movie except two things one to atleast laugh a little and two to be in aww by the shocking content but however what i personally didnt expect was to attend the absolute funniest movie ive seen all year long i laughed out loud nonstop i loved the characters as well this definetly isnt for everyone kids included or anyone offended by sex humor but if you can take it i highly recommend seeing this comedy blockbuster


Most of the comedies that I love have an element of emotional weight, and ‘Good Boys’ is no exception. The film has some really bittersweet conversations about losing friendships and growing up that are sure to hit home for a lot of people. It helps push the film to the next level, and was something I really adored.
- Chris dos Santos

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Sheldon Nylander

Everything old is new again.

Three naive six-graders are on a quest to get to their first kissing party, but get detoured along the way. Sound familiar? That's because it's the same plot as "Superbad" only with younger kids. From having to score drugs to selling a sex doll, these kids get into all kinds of ridiculous hijinks that provide only a mild laugh now and again.

My main problem here is the rehash. Why? "Superbad" is a far superior movie, probably because of the knowledge the characters bring to the table. These kids know next to nothing about the world, a fact that's played up to a maximum extent time and again. By the end of the movie, I was ready to throw my hands up in the air saying "Alright! I get it already." And the characters don't really develop to a significant extent. They remain just as naive at the end of the movie as they were at the beginning.

As a result, we wind up not just with a rehash of "Superbad" but a rather stagnant one at that. It can be cute at times, but overall we learn nothing along with the characters and our lives are not richer for having seen this movie. It's a cute diversion, but nothing else. Take it for what it is, or don't. My recommendation is that if you have anything else to see, you're probably better off seeing that instead.


It's not very good, and it is very derivative but man, I guess I'm just a sucker for jokes about drug use? For whatever reason I pretty consistently find it genuinely funny. Probably says more about me than it does about _Good Boys_, but whatever, it's fine.

_Final rating:★★½ - Had a lot that appealed to me, didn’t quite work as a whole._


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