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Matthias & Maxime

Matthias & Maxime on IMDb

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Xavier Dolan

Xavier Dolan Writer


 Release Date

December 1, 2019

Gabriel D'Almeida Freitas
Xavier Dolan
Pier-Luc Funk
Samuel Gauthier
Antoine Pilon
Adib Alkhalidey
Anne Dorval
Camille Felton
  Erika Rivette
Micheline Bernard
Marilyn Castonguay
Catherine Brunet
Harris Dickinson
Jacques Lavallée
Alexandre Bourgeois
Monique Spaziani
Anne-Marie Cadieux
Johanne Garneau
  Voisine sur son balcon


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It’s hard not to be swept up by ‘Matthias and Maxime’. This is a film made with such love and care, sincerity and grace, showcasing everything that makes Xavier Dolan such an arresting filmmaker and distilled into their purest form. What made my heart soar was in how it laid bare how complex human relationships are, how pointless such binaries as gender and sexuality are, how love between two people is greater than simply defined as friendship or romance. ‘Matthias and Maxime’ refuses to play into such simplistic categories, instead celebrating the wonder of love and human connection without the need for them. Maybe some viewers will try and pigeonhole the protagonists as “gay“ rather than just two people in love to make themselves feel more comfortable, much like the bi-erasure in many responses to ‘Call Me By Your Name’, so pointlessly obsessed are we with useless outdated labels, but that would be such a loss to their experience of the richness of this film. ‘Matthias and Maxime’ is a quiet triumph, a tender love story beautifully told, a reminder of how deep the rivers of love can go, how violent travelling them can be and how so very worth the journey is.
- Daniel Lammin

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