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Eels with Strings - Live at Town Hall

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 Written by

 Directed by


 Release Date
September 2, 2007

1 hours and 38 minutes (98 minutes)

Mark Oliver Everett
  Himself (Vocals, guitars and keyboard)
Big Al
  Himself (Upright bass, autoharp, keyboards, melodica)
Julie Carpenter
  Herself (Violin, mandolin, percussion)
The Chet
  Himself (Trashcan, suitcase, saw, lapsteel guitar, guitar, mandolin, melodica, keyboards, upright bass)
Ana Lenchantin
  Herself (Cello, percussion, vibrator)
Heather Lockie
  Herself (Viola, percussion)
Paloma Udovic
  Herself (Violin, percussion)

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