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The King

The King on IMDb

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David Michôd

William Shakespeare Original Story
Joel Edgerton Screenplay
David Michôd Screenplay

In 15th-century England, Prince Hal transforms from wayward wastrel to powerful king after he reluctantly inherits the throne and its many conflicts.


 Release Date

October 3, 2019

2 hours and 13 minutes (133 minutes)

Timothée Chalamet
Joel Edgerton
Sean Harris
Lily-Rose Depp
Thomasin McKenzie
  Philippa, Queen of Denmark
Robert Pattinson
  The Dauphin
Ben Mendelsohn
  King Henry IV
Andrew Havill
  Archbishop of Canterbury
Dean-Charles Chapman
Steven Elder
Edward Ashley
Stephen Fewell
Tara Fitzgerald
Tom Fisher
Ivan Kaye
Tom Lawrence
Roderick Hill
  Cloaked Man
Niké Kurta
Nicholas Wittman
Philip Rosch
  Lord Chamberlain
Lucas Hansen
  Eric, King of Denmark
Tom Lacroix
Cedric Cirotteau
  French Envoy
Vincent Latorre
  Jean D'Estouteville
Harry Trevaldwyn
Jeremy Chevillotte
  French Lord Steward
Thibault de Montalembert
  King Charles VI
Oscar Bennett
  William's Page Boy


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Just finished The King, a modern interpretation of parts of Shakespeare's Henry IV and Henry V, seemingly targeted at millennials.

It's common knowledge that much of Shakespeare's Henry V is based on hearsay, yet his pre-battle speeches at Barfleur ('Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more.') and Agincourt ('We band of brothers') have become the stuff of legend and remain the most stirring battle speeches of our time. In The King, Henry's pre-battle speech at Agincourt is neither stirring or inspirational due to being a watered-down, 21st-century, politically correct rendition, which I found hard to stomach.

The King portrays Henry (Hal) as a pacifist and reluctant leader, a fop to Catherine of Valois and I found Timothee Chalomet's (an American) performance as Hal to be too 21st century and not in the slightest bit convincing. In fact, he seemed reluctant to carry out any of the deeds that the real Henry V actually carried out.

The battle scenes were very realistic and the cinematography was superb, but...

This is yet another nod to the PC millennials, diluting and revising both Shakespeare and history into easily digestible snack bites for the sensitive of our era.

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