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Aquaman on IMDb

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 Written by
James Wan Story
Mort Weisinger Characters
Geoff Johns Story
Will Beall Story
David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick Screenplay
Will Beall Screenplay

 Directed by
James Wan

 Release Date
December 7, 2018

2 hours and 23 minutes (143 minutes)

Jason Momoa
  Arthur Curry / Aquaman
Amber Heard
Willem Dafoe
  Nuidis Vulko
Patrick Wilson
  King Orm Marius / Ocean Master
Nicole Kidman
Dolph Lundgren
  King Nereus
Temuera Morrison
  Thomas Curry
Michael Beach
  Jesse Kane (Manta's Father)
Randall Park
  Dr. Stephen Shin
Graham McTavish
  King Atlan
Leigh Whannell
  Cargo Pilot
Julie Andrews
  Karathen (voice)
John Rhys-Davies
  Brine King (voice)
Djimon Hounsou
  King Ricou (voice)
Natalia Safran
  Queen Rina
Hank Amos
  Submarine Pirate
Robert Longstreet
  Professor James
Devika Parikh
  Newscaster Morgan
Anthony Standish
Vincent B. Gorce
  Italian Bell Father

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