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Bohemian Rhapsody
Bohemian Rhapsody on IMDb

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 Written by
Anthony McCarten Screenplay
Peter Morgan Story
Anthony McCarten Story

 Directed by
Bryan Singer
Dexter Fletcher

 Release Date
October 24, 2018

2 hours and 15 minutes (135 minutes)

Rami Malek
  Freddie Mercury
Gwilym Lee
  Brian May
Joseph Mazzello
  John Deacon
Lucy Boynton
  Mary Austin
Aidan Gillen
  John Reid
Allen Leech
  Paul Prenter
Tom Hollander
  Jim Beach
Mike Myers
  Ray Foster
Aaron McCusker
  Jim Hutton
Meneka Das
  Jer Bulsara
Ace Bhatti
  Bomi Bulsara
Jack Roth
  Tim Staffell
Michelle Duncan
  Shelley Stern
Bruce Mackinnon
  Reporter 2
Tim Plester
  RT Baker
Kieran Hardcastle
  Heathrow Baggage Handler
Royce Cronin
  TV Director
John Ottman
  Live TV Director
Garry Summers
  Voice Doctor (uncredited)
Adam Lambert
  Man at Truck Stop (uncredited)

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Bites the dust
By Jack Anderson on February 22, 2019

"Bohemian Rhapsody" is a typical average Hollywood biopic product, a bioproduct, telling a more or less precise and packaged story but failing to even scratch the surface. As usual, band members are uninteresting secondary characters, while the main protagonist is heavily featured but nowhere to be seen. Do I know anything more about Freddy Mercury after having watched this 2 hours and 15 minutes film? Not at all. That's why documentaries or biographies are usually much more interesting. You can try to add as much make-up as you want, our eyes and soul crave for reality, the same way we cannot sustain watching an add-lip so-called performance.

One thing I particularly disliked was the scenes in which the band was creating music. Actually, they were more discovering God-like songs, as if those were given in multiple Eureka! moments. As a musician myself, there is definitely a beyond beautiful moment where you find "it". But it comes from working, not from sitting around and suddenly getting "it" just by thinking about it. You sit behind a piano, start playing and when doing the work, it comes. You don't look at the sky and get hammered by a hit song. It was even worse when the band is telling the music producer that they will perform a magnificent Opera-like album, without having even worked anything yet and with the certainty of an album that was actually already produced. This is the post-everything movie. You can sense that it has been frabricated based on an already existing storyline.

But to me, the worst thing of all is very simple, and you may not have thought about it while watching the film. What was the actual story of the movie? What was the morale? Any story must say something, or maybe even purposely saying nothing. But here, it doesn’t purposely decides to tell nothing, it actually tries so much to say something, but there’s really nothing at all. Is it Freddy Mercury having a wife and keeping her as a friend? Not so much. Is it about Mercury finally getting the approval of his father? Nope.
Even though the movies The Doors (Oliver Stone) and Gainsbourg : Vie Héroïque (Joann Sfar) were not critically acclaimed, at least those films actually told a story, usually through the lense of something original: the spiritual nature of Jim Morrison in the first and the darker side of Serge Gainsbourg, literally following him from his childhood.

But clearly, as a big fan of Queen - who isn't? - I had fun watching the film, and I must admit that the last sequence at the Live Aid concert was really joyful.

I give it 4 out of 10. A typical Hollywood biopic, with the exact same qualities and problems.

And by the way, "I'm In Love With My Car" is an excellent song...

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