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The Hummingbird Project


The Hummingbird Project on IMDb

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 Written by
Kim Nguyen Writer

 Directed by
Kim Nguyen


 Release Date
March 15, 2019

1 hours and 51 minutes (111 minutes)

Jesse Eisenberg
  Vincent Zaleski
Alexander Skarsgård
  Anton Zaleski
Salma Hayek
  Eva Torres
Michael Mando
  Mark Vega
Johan Heldenbergh
  Amish Elder
Ayisha Issa
  Ophelia Troller
Mark Slacke
  Tasso Casilieris
Sarah Goldberg
Frank Schorpion
  Bryan Taylor
Kwasi Songui
Conrad Pla
  Agent Santana
Julian Bailey
Jessica Greco
  Dr. Bloom

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