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Luc Besson

Beneath Anna Poliatova's striking beauty lies a secret that will unleash her indelible strength and skill to become one of the world's most feared government assassins.

 Release Date

June 19, 2019


1h59m (119 min)

 Top Billed Cast

 Sasha Luss
 Helen Mirren
 Luke Evans
 Alex Tchenkov
 Cillian Murphy
 Lenny Miller
 Lera Abova
 Alexander Petrov

 Written by

Luc Besson Screenplay



Sasha Luss
Helen Mirren
Luke Evans
  Alex Tchenkov
Cillian Murphy
  Lenny Miller
Lera Abova
Alexander Petrov
Nikita Pavlenko
Anna Krippa
Aleksey Maslodudov
Eric Godon
Ivan Franěk
Jean-Baptiste Puech
Adrian Can
Alison Wheeler
Andrew Howard
Jan Oliver Schroeder
Louise Parker
Mikhail Safronov
  Anna's Father
Sergey Bachurskiy
  Moscow Cabbie
Ernest Gromov
  KGB Superior Officer
Jess Liaudin
  Olga's Technician
Christopher Craig
  Piotr's Hostage
David Coburn
  CIA Chief
James Joint
  Miller's Chauffeur
Tonio Descanvelle
  Miller's Assistant
Réginal Kudiwu
Manuel Sinor
  Blake's Partner
Gérard Graillot
  Monceau Waiter
Laurent Ferraro
Aya Yabuuchi
  Mario's Make-up Artist
Eric Lampaert
Pauline Hoarau
  Nato's Model #1
Peter Lamarque
  Boxing Photographer
Cansu Tosun
  Car Crash Woman
Niccolò Senni
  Laboratory Scientist
Terrence Amadi
  Scope CIA Agent #2
Jean-Marc Montalto
  Mansion Photographer
Leonid Glushchenko
  KGB Surveillance #3
Elise Lissague
  One Agency Receptionist
Paul Lefèvre
  Restaurant Guest
Alain Figlarz
  Restaurant Target
Igor Savochkin
  Alex's Sidekick


Luc Besson
Luc Besson
Luc Besson
Éric Serra
  Original Music Composer
Thierry Arbogast
  Director of Photography
Jean-Christophe Magnaud
  Special Effects Supervisor
Olivier Bériot
  Costume Designer
Swan Pham
Hugues Tissandier
  Production Design
Didier Lozahic
  Foley Mixer
Fabrice Bismuth
  Additional Photography
Olivier Megaton
  Second Unit Director
Julien Rey
Alain Figlarz
  Fight Choreographer
Artemio Benki
Marc Shmuger
Virginia Anderson
  Post-Production Manager
Stéphane Bucher
  Sound Mixer
Gilles Boillot
  Art Direction
Momirka Bailović
  Wardrobe Supervisor
Corinne Bruand
  Assistant Costume Designer
Matthieu Dallaporta
  Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Matthieu Dallaporta
  ADR Mixer
Simon Descamps
  Visual Effects Producer
Stéphane Robuchon
  Art Direction
Evelyne Tissandier
  Set Decoration
Olivier Nguyen
  Property Master
Guillaume Bouchateau
  Supervising Sound Editor
Aymeric Devoldère
  Sound Effects Editor
François Dumoulin
  Visual Effects Supervisor
Katia Boutin
  Dialogue Editor
Philippe Penot
  Foley Artist
Frédéric Cambon
  Graphic Designer
Bruno Vatin
  Production Manager
Bruno Vatin
  Line Producer
Frédérique Ney
  Makeup Artist
Aya Yabuuchi
  Makeup Artist
Lorenzo Donati
  Steadicam Operator
Aleksandra Keskinov
Loïc Gourbe
  Foley Mixer
Ivana Rajnvajn
Marc Leroyer
Yvan Lucas
  Digital Intermediate Colorist
Ferdinand Bouchara
  Sound Mixer
Virginie Wintrebert
  Visual Effects Producer
Shanna Besson
  Still Photographer
Thi Thanh Tu Nguyen
  Makeup Department Head
Sandra Marthon
  Extras Casting
Marko Leković
  Key Grip
Katharina Hingst
  Epk Producer
Marc Jouveneau
  Visual Effects Supervisor
Jérôme Rabu
  Boom Operator
Neichols Alice
  Visual Effects Coordinator
Alexandre Ménard
  CG Supervisor
Clemence Gabrielidis
  Assistant Editor
Milos Vidakovic
Mathias Honoré
  First Assistant Director
Vyacheslav Timonin
Anton Petrik
Niranjan Siva
  Compositing Supervisor
Stéphane Bourdon
Caroline Di Paolo
Ivan Lekovic
  Best Boy Grip
Romuald Drault
  Production Supervisor
Cathy Dutheil
  Production Coordinator


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Decent enough 1980s-era espionage action-thriller that pretty much combines Atomic Blonde, Red Sparrow and Besson's La Femme Nikita. Sasha Luss in the lead was quite good and the fight scenes were well choreographed. The story isn't special but twists were good and it did keep me entertained thanks to a nice supporting cast, especially Helen Mirren. **3.5/5**


If _Red Sparrow_ was the crap version of _Atomic Blonde_, when the Hell does that make the crap version of _Red Sparrow_?

...Fuckin' _Anna_ I guess.

_Final rating:★½: - Boring/disappointing. Avoid where possible._


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Luc Besson's Anna Trailer Finally Released
 April 11, 2019

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