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2019  128 MN


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March 6, 2019


2h8m (128 min)

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Very... average
By Gruic on March 11, 2019

This movie has a lot of trouble to find an identity. Captain Marvel is not a very good science fiction movie, not a very good funny movie, not a very good drama movie...

The story is awkward, the directing does not have relief.

I am not convinced.

That said, I don't think that Brie Larson is the problem here, and I'm very happy to have more Clark Gregg on the MCU.

Preparing for the Endgame
By Carry9 on May 8, 2019

I thought that I had to see this movie for the last chapter of the Avengers series.
It helped in some way (and it was the last movie of the Marvel Series that I had not yet seen), but I think that you could also go and see Avengers: Endgame without having seen it.
I liked the fact, that the hero is a women. The construction of the story was well done, as you would not have guessed some of the things that happened in the second half of the movie from the start.


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