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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

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 Written by
Derek Connolly Writer
Colin Trevorrow Writer
Michael Crichton Characters

 Directed by
J. A. Bayona

Three years after the demise of Jurassic World, a volcanic eruption threatens the remaining dinosaurs on the isla Nublar, so Claire Dearing, the former park manager, recruits Owen Grady to help prevent the extinction of the dinosaurs once again.


 Release Date
June 6, 2018

129 minutes


Chris Pratt Owen Grady
Bryce Dallas Howard Claire Dearing
Rafe Spall Eli Mills
Justice Smith Franklin Webb
Daniella Pineda Zia Rodriguez
James Cromwell Benjamin Lockwood
Toby Jones Mr. Eversoll
Ted Levine Ken Wheatley
Jeff Goldblum Ian Malcolm
BD Wong Dr. Wu
Geraldine Chaplin Iris
Isabella Sermon Maisie Lockwood
Peter Jason Senator Sherwood
Charlie Rawes Lead Mercenary
Kevin Layne Sub Pilot
Robert Emms Tech Merc
John Schwab Tech Operator
Sam Redford Helicopter Pilot
Patrick Crowley Prop Plane Pilot
Alex Dower Russian Mob Guy
Honey Holmes Russian Girlfriend
Neil Bishop Russian Bidder
Philippa Thomas BBC News Anchor
Ronan Summers Brutish Mercenary
Cory Peterson Committee Chairman
Jeremy Gilbert Hero Tracker
Victor Gardener Crewman
Eric Kofi Abrefa Helicopter Merc
Ben Peel Helicopter Merc
Gil Kolirin Mill's Man
Mitchell L. Johnson Jungle Merc
Paul Sockett Bearded Merc
Daryl Kwan Another Bidder
Michael Papajohn InGen Contractor (uncredited)
Daniel Stisen Russian Bodyguard (uncredited)

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Two movies into one and no lessons learned
By Jack Anderson on June 8, 2018

In 2003, I had a gift certificate for something that used to be called a music store. At the time, those kinds of stores were actually not extinct. But that's not the point of my story.
I did not know what album to buy and then I saw the latest record from Radiohead, titled Hail to the Thief. I asked my friend if this was some good music and he mentioned that Radiohead was definitely a great band. So I bought this record and I actually ended up loving it dearly.
In it, there is a song that I really love, called Where I End and You Begin. Here are the lyrics:

There's a gap in between
There's a gap where we meet
Where I end and you begin
And I'm sorry for us
The dinosaurs roam the earth
The sky turns green
Where I end and you begin
I am up in the clouds
I am up in the clouds
And I can't and I can't come down
I can watch but not take part
Where I end and where you start
Where you, you left me alone
You left me alone
X will now mark the place
Like the parting of the waves
Like a house falling into the sea
Into the sea
I will eat you all alive
I will eat you all alive
I will eat you all alive
I will eat you all alive
There'll be no more lies
There'll be no more lies
There'll be no more lies
There'll be no more lies
I will…

One of the moments I loved the most was "The dinosaurs roam the earth". Added to the great and nostalgic like music, this directly throws me back to the Jurassic era. Sometimes, I imagine that dinosaurs were walking in front of my window, ages ago. This is deeply anchored with the reality of time. And in a way, thinking about it is time travel.
Dinosaurs are the ultimate and most magical depiction of time. What else would you care about on Earth, before mankind? Bacterias? Fishes? There is nothing more magical than dinosaurs. And this is the reason why I fell literally in love with the original Jurassic Park film and why I would watch every single of its sequel. Because of the magical aspect of it all. I won't say that it clouds my judgement - I still can judge the artistic overall aspect - but there is definitely a magical element. An element that drawn me into waiting for the sequel of Jurassic World, even though the film was clearly not great and was rated 4/10 by yours truly. But I waited and marked down the date in my calendar.
One Friday afternoon, even though I was sure that the film would be released two weeks later, I was randomly checking what films were playing and then I saw that the film was playing... today. Forty-five minutes later, I was sitting in the movie theater!

FILM A: Jurassic World 2: The Volcano
First, the film quickly shows the main protagonists drawn back to the Isla Nublar island and helping an organization to save a dozen of dinosaurs. While the story is of course exaggerated, in a sense that no one would want to go back to the island after the dramatic events of the previous film, it is believable and more than this, extremely entertaining.
The idea of the volcano works damn well. I am a big fan of volcanos, which is also having a magical dimension similar to the dinosaurs. This is a truly brilliant idea which makes for outstanding images, even though computer generated. Once again, we are in the same Kaaawa valley from all Jurassic Park movies and virtually every single LOST episode. But this time, all goes much faster, in just minutes, we go from seeing many dinosaurs, having Owen facing lava, countless situations of people being either eaten or almost eaten by dinosaurs, to a completely epic scene where the dinosaurs are running from the erupting volcano. What a scene! We then literally jump into the ocean, in a similar and very frightening scene. Dinosaurs are jumping as well. Well, our movie ticket was definitely worth every penny.
Visually, the movie is simply outstanding. There is a shot of a dinosaur at the end of a dark tunnel, slowly moving forward. The lava is also sublime.
It all ends on the protagonists leaving the island, on an extremely moving shot of a friendly dinosaur (a Diplodocus? a Brachiosaurus?) disappearing in a shot that is more moving than anything happening to any real characters during the entire film's run (128 minutes).

FILM B: Jurassic World 3: The Castle
After that, a totally new movie actually starts and is a drastic change! To summarize, we move from an adventure film to a horror film taking place in a secluded castle. I would never ever have thought about writing such storyline. On its own, it is definitely original and interesting. We get to see dinosaurs running around in corridors, jumping on rooftops and more. It feels really as if Alfred Hitchcock was directing a sequel of Jurassic Park in the fifties. As a moviegoer, I can definitely appreciate some aspects of it all.

But, once again, yet again, as expected, there are no lessons learned from the previous film. In a way, why trying to learn any lessons? The lesson is that the previous film made 1.6 billion at the worldwide box-office. If there would be a lesson, it should be "do exactly the same" and generate the same revenue if lucky.
But nevertheless, I think the first goal of any film is to be good, simple as that. And only after to try to make even. And Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is not what I can confidently say a good movie. We go through the same boring moments of the cliché bad guys. There is not a single ounce of gray. We have the heroes on one side, and the super villains on the other.
Once again, the protagonists love opening doors to the dinosaurs. So much that this is actually the ending of the film, when the heroes are actually deciding the fate of humanity on a single button, deciding to release a dozen dinosaurs into the wild. This is so bad that I cannot even come to understand how this could have happened. This is a clear moment when the screenwriters dictate the actions to his/her characters and not the opposite. We are not talking about letting some ponies and unicorns into the wild. We are talking about deadly and ferocious creatures. As an audience, we can believe many things, such as the protagonists going back onto the island. But we cannot believe that they would release all the dinosaurs in America. Even if that makes a perfect idea for a sequel. There should have been a better way to come up to the same end result.
Once again, we go through the same boring storyline of bad guys wanting to use dinosaurs in war. Just read my review of the original Jurassic World if you want to know what my feelings are on this one. I still think the same and was hoping that the producers would have learned their lessons. But as mentioned, there are no lessons learned.
And most important, the characters are legos. They are not made of flesh. We go to the same stupid clichés than we are used to. Chris Pratt's Owen and the little girl are the only interesting characters. All the rest is noise. Bryce Dallas Howard is of course a beautiful woman but that ends it here. She is more flat as a b flat note on a piano.
And I don't even comment the two young characters, who are coming straight from a stupid z-series like NCIS. I cannot stand young hackers, I just physically cannot stand these stupid characters.

Not only this, but the movie is extremely similar to The Lost World: Jurassic Park, the first sequel to the original Jurassic Park movie. In this film, the characters are not as interesting as the original cast, the story is going over the top and there are actually two films into one. One movie on the island and then we take a boat to mainland, where the dinosaurs are killing around the port. It is very ironic that time passes but that the lessons stay the same.

And of course, the movie is asking for a sequel. And this makes perfect sense. I cannot wait to see the next film. And you read it right. While I think that the movie itself is not great, I really had much fun watching it.

An intense film with some great moments but that ultimately fails, mostly because of using the same bad elements from the previous film. I give it 4 out of 10. Average.

Good entertainment
By Carry9 on June 9, 2018

In the first half of the movie there was a lot of action (not that there wasn't any at all in the second half!), so that you could think "what will come after that".
Then the second half was a lot slower and with another story completely.
It was like watching 2 movies put into one.

I found it very entertaining.

By Gruic on June 19, 2018

Fifth film from the franchise, Fallen Kingdom is both the sequel and the remake of Jurassic Park 2, the Lost World. Pushing the mimicry to divide the film into 2 segments, this movie manages to produce, unsurprisingly, a mixed result, just like his model. Even though the source of Crichton's novels isn't dry yet, few elements are taken from the first book this time, except for some notions here and there, as the end intelligently recalling the last chapters of the first book, but without subtlety.

The film has the good taste, however, to involve classic characters only if they have a true reason to be in it. They serve history. Like in the first Jurassic World. B.D. Wong resumes his role, a bit less relevant but still interesting, and Jeff Goldblum only intervenes to serve the storytelling.

In The Lost World, some aspects of the character of Roland Tembo, worn by the talented Pete Postlethwaite (rest in peace) were quite debatable. Today, at a time where we want to slap some rich white guys who pose alongside corpses of elephants or rhinoceros, reinterpreting these kind of characters with the 2018 ethic was the right thing to do. Becoming the archetype of the bastard, Ken Wheatley, chuckle interpreted by Levine, will meets its destiny, dying in a similar way that Ed Regis in the original novel, but for a different reason.
Taking some ideas from the aborted Jurassic Park 4 and the existence of free dinosaurs at the end of the first novel, Jurassic World 2 tries a few tricks but remains very clumsy.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is clearly not a bad movie, but... can we say it's a good movie instead ? I don't think so. The truth is definitely somewhere in between.


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