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Ant-Man and the Wasp

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 Written by
Paul Rudd Screenplay
Stan Lee Comic Book
Larry Lieber Comic Book
Jack Kirby Comic Book

 Directed by
Peyton Reed


 Release Date
July 4, 2018

119 minutes

Paul Rudd Scott Lang / Ant-Man
Evangeline Lilly Hope van Dyne / Wasp
Michael Peña Luis
Walton Goggins Sonny Burch
Bobby Cannavale Paxton
Judy Greer Maggie
T.I. Dave
David Dastmalchian Kurt
Randall Park Jimmy Woo
Michelle Pfeiffer Janet van Dyne / Wasp
Laurence Fishburne Dr. Bill Foster
Michael Douglas Dr. Hank Pym
Goran Kostić Anitolov
Michael Cerveris Elihas Starr
Tim Heidecker Whale Boat Captain Daniel Goobler
Stan Lee Shrinking Car Owner
Brian Huskey Elementary School Teacher
Suehyla El-Attar Agent Pearson
Julia Vera Luis' Abuelita
Darcy Shean Nanny
Simon Potter Burch's Goon
Chris Gann FBI Agent (uncredited)
Denney Pierce Flatbed Truck Driver (uncredited)

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