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Men in Black: International


Men in Black: International on IMDb

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 Written by
Lowell Cunningham Characters
Art Marcum Screenplay
Matt Holloway Screenplay
Lowell Cunningham Comic Book

 Directed by
F. Gary Gray


 Release Date
June 12, 2019

Chris Hemsworth
  Agent H
Tessa Thompson
  Agent M
Kumail Nanjiani
  Pawny (voice)
Rebecca Ferguson
Rafe Spall
  Agent C
Emma Thompson
  Agent O
Liam Neeson
  Agent High T
Laurent Bourgeois
  Alien Twin #1
Larry Bourgeois
  Alien Twin #2
Kayvan Novak
  Vungus / Nasr / Bassam
Spencer Wilding
  Luca Brasi
Marcy Harriell
  Molly's Mom
Inny Clemons
  Molly's Dad
Aaron Serotsky
  Man in Black #1
Mandeiya Flory
  Young Molly
Matthew Bates
  FBI HR Guy
Sartaj Garewal
  CIA Recruiter
Stephen Wight
Brian Silliman
Jeff Kim
  Lead MIB Agent
Annie Burkin
Andrew Greenough
  Freddie the Alien
Natasha Culzac
  Nightclub Waitress
Paul Brennen
  Alien Boss
Ania Sowinski
  Alien Woman / Boss' Wife
Stefan Kalipha
  Antique Shopkeeper
Beau Fowler
  Nightclub Patron #2
Lukas DiSparrow
  Nightclub Patron #3
Andy Beckwith
  Viper Room Player
Aistė Diržiūtė
  Woman at Eiffel Tower
Anatole Taubman
  French Salesman
Sorel Johnson
  Nervous Forensic Tech
Tim Blaney
  Voice of Frank the Pug (voice)
Thom Fountain
  Worm Guy #1 (voice)

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'MIB: International' sounds like a good idea on paper, from the cast and the director - even for the franchise, the idea to go “International” sounds really exciting and a great way to expand the world without being too tied to the original films. Unfortunately, it’s just another boring blockbuster using a nostalgic property to make a quick buck without understanding what made the lighting in a bottle that was the first film work. We didn’t even get a rap tie-in song from Will Smith or even Pitbull, and that’s what truly hurts the most.
- Chris dos Santos

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Chris Hemsworth just makes everything better. The only good parts of Ghostbusters was Hemsworth. His Thor movies were the best of the MC individual movies and his presence made the Avengers movies that much more enjoyable. Similarly, his levity here made a decline from MiB3 more tolerable. He's just fun to watch.


They've changed the setting, the leads, the journey cycle, the effects, (most of) the supporting cast, the tone, and the timeframe, yet somewhere we still have the exact same plot. Four for four on _Men in Black_ with the EXACT. SAME. PLOT.

I was entertained though, so, there's only so much I can complain really.

_Final rating:★★½ - Had a lot that appealed to me, didn’t quite work as a whole._


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