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It: Chapter Two


It: Chapter Two on IMDb

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 Written by
Gary Dauberman Screenplay
Jeffrey Jurgensen Screenplay
Stephen King Novel

 Directed by
Andy Muschietti


 Release Date
September 5, 2019

James McAvoy
  Bill Denbrough
Jessica Chastain
  Beverly Marsh
Jay Ryan
  Ben Hanscom
Bill Hader
  Richie Tozier
Isaiah Mustafa
  Mike Hanlon
James Ransone
  Eddie Kaspbrak
Andy Bean
  Stanley Uris
Bill Skarsgård
Xavier Dolan
  Adrian Mellon
Teach Grant
  Henry Bowers
Jess Weixler
  Audra Phillips
Will Beinbrink
  Tom Rogan
Jaeden Martell
  Young Bill Denbrough
Sophia Lillis
  Young Beverly Marsh
Jeremy Ray Taylor
  Young Ben Hanscom
Finn Wolfhard
  Young Richie Tozier
Chosen Jacobs
  Young Mike Hanlon
Jack Dylan Grazer
  Young Eddie Kaspbrak
Wyatt Oleff
  Young Stanley Uris
Ryan Kiera Armstrong
Taylor Frey
  Don Hagarty
Logan Thompson
  Victor Criss
Kelly Van der Burg
  Victoria's Mom
Ari Cohen
  Rabbi Uris
Janet Porter
  Richie's Mother
Jake Sim
  Belch Huggins

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First Trailer of It Chapter Two
by Jack Anderson on 2019-05-13 06:24:07 ET
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