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The Incredible Hulk

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 Written by
Zak Penn Screenplay
Stan Lee Characters
Jack Kirby Characters

 Directed by
Louis Leterrier

 Release Date
June 12, 2008

114 minutes

Edward Norton Bruce Banner / The Hulk
Liv Tyler Betty Ross
Tim Roth Emil Blonsky / Abomination
William Hurt General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross
Tim Blake Nelson Dr. Samuel Sterns
Ty Burrell Dr. Leonard Samson
Christina Cabot Major Kathleen Sparr
Peter Mensah General Joe Greller
Lou Ferrigno Voice of The Incredible Hulk / Security Guard
Greg Bryk Commando
Chris Owens Commando
Adrian Hein Commando
Pedro Salvín Tough Guy Leader
Nick Alachiotis Tough Guy
Joris Jarsky Soldier
Arnold Pinnock Soldier
Tig Fong Cop
Maxwell McCabe-Lokos Cab Driver
Wayne Robson Boat Captain
Martin Starr Computer Nerd
Michael Kenneth Williams Harlem Bystande
James Downing Army Base Doctor
Rickson Gracie Aikido Instructor
Genelle Williams Terrified Gal
Jee-Yun Lee Reporter
Desmond Campbell Gunner
Tony Nappo Brave Cop
Aaron Berg Soldier
Tre Smith Soldier
Stan Lee Milwaukee Man Drinking From Bottle (uncredited)
Robert Downey Jr. Tony Stark (uncredited)

- Stan Lee can be seen drinking the famous soda bottle at 13 minutes into the movie.
- Original Hulk actor Lou Ferrigno can be seen at 38 minutes into the film.

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Not bad... but not great either
By Jack Anderson on January 1, 2019

The Incredible Hulk is the second movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, following the very fun Iron Man.

As I stated in the Iron Man review, the casting of the lead actor is crucial, and even more in a superhero movie. Because there is so much backstory. So, who's playing Hulk, you might ask? Edward Norton. Yeah. Fight Club Edward Norton. As much as Robert Downey Jr. was just a perfect match for the eccentric Tony Stark, Norton is not. And the reason is simple. Edward Norton is having a baby face, that is totally incompatible with the monster-like Hulk.

Don't get me wrong, the first part of the film is good. Edward Norton is living in the favelas, which is such an iconic location. The first shot from director Kenneth Branagh is really outstanding. The movie starts off as a great spy movie, but unfortunately, this is a Hulk movie and we know we'll have to sit through the usual scenes.

And of course, soon enough, we are drawn into the old lover cliché (Liv Tyler), the very boring video game-like scenes, but much worse, we have to sit through scenes with the very bad military. The General is clearly the most annoying character from that film. He's got everything, the attitude, even the moustache.

Also, for a reason I really don't understand, Hulk is not looking at all like Norton. Not even the haircut, nothing. Therefore, it makes it extremely difficult or even impossible to root for the Banner/Hulk character.
But at least, most of the scenes with CGI are taking place in the dark or at night. Except in the worst part, when Hulk is in a big field and that the military keep shooting at him.

Not a bad film, but really not a good one either. A clear average. I give it 4 out of 10.

By Carry9 on January 2, 2019


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