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 Written by
Hayao Miyazaki Writer

 Directed by
Hayao Miyazaki


 Release Date
July 19, 2008

1 hours and 40 minutes (100 minutes)

Yuria Nara
  Ponyo (voice)
Hiroki Doi
  Sosuke (voice)
George Tokoro
  Fujimoto (voice)
Tomoko Yamaguchi
  Lisa (voice)
Yuki Amami
  Grandmammare (voice)
Kazushige Nagashima
  Koichi (voice)
Akiko Yano
  Ponyo's Sisters (voice)
Shinichi Hatori
  Anchorman (voice)
Tokie Hidari
  Kayo (voice)
Eimi Hiraoka
  Kumiko (voice)
Rumi Hiiragi
  Young Mother (voice)
Tomoko Naraoka
  Yoshie (voice)
Nozomi Ôhashi
  Karen (voice)
Kazuko Yoshiyuki
  Toki (voice)

Music by Joe Hisaishi

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