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2019  118 MN

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Elizabeth Banks

When a systems engineer blows the whistle on a dangerous technology, Charlie's Angels from across the globe are called into action, putting their lives on the line to protect society.

 Release Date

November 14, 2019


1h58m (118 min)


$ 48,000,000


$ 73,279,888

 Top Billed Cast

 Kristen Stewart
 Sabina Wilson
 Naomi Scott
 Elena Houghlin
 Ella Balinska
 Jane Kano
 Elizabeth Banks
 Patrick Stewart
 John Bosley
 Djimon Hounsou

 Written by

Elizabeth Banks Screenplay
David Auburn Story
Evan Spiliotopoulos Story


Unseen. Undivided. Unstoppable.



Kristen Stewart
  Sabina Wilson
Naomi Scott
  Elena Houghlin
Ella Balinska
  Jane Kano
Elizabeth Banks
Patrick Stewart
  John Bosley
Djimon Hounsou
Sam Claflin
Jonathan Tucker
Nat Faxon
Chris Pang
  Jonny Smith
Luis Gerardo Méndez
  The Saint
Noah Centineo
Marie-Lou Sellem
  Fatima Ahmed
David Schütter
Hannah Hoekstra
  Ingrid (Angel)
Murali Perumal
  Pradeep Prasad
Michael Strahan
  NY Bosley
Neil Malik Abdullah
  LA Bosley
Nick Dong-Sik
  LA Bosley
Dennenesch Zoudé
  LA Bosley
Robert Clotworthy
  Charlie (voice)
Jaclyn Smith
  Kelly Garrett
Danica Patrick
  Driving Instructor
Ronda Rousey
  Fight Instructor
Laverne Cox
  Bomb Instructor
Hailee Steinfeld
  Angel Recruit
Lili Reinhart
  Angel Recruit
Aly Raisman
  Angel Recruit


Debra Zane
  Casting Director
Nancy Juvonen
  Executive Producer
Drew Barrymore
  Executive Producer
Simone Bär
  Casting Director
Brian Tyler
  Original Music Composer
Kym Barrett
  Costume Design
Elizabeth Banks
Elizabeth Banks
Elizabeth Banks
Bill Pope
  Director of Photography
Alan Baumgarten
Cornelia Ott
  Art Direction
Leonard Goldberg
  Executive Producer
Mary Jo Markey
David Auburn
Elizabeth Cantillon
Evan Spiliotopoulos
Melanie Hughes
  Makeup Department Head
Markos Rounthwaite
  Stunt Coordinator
Mark Rosinski
  Set Decoration
Max Handelman
Aaron Haye
  Production Design
Alexandra Montag
  Casting Director
Matthew Hirsch
  Executive Producer
Stephanie Rass
  Art Direction
Camille Friend
  Hair Department Head
Stacey Panepinto
  Makeup Artist
Bryce Tibbey
  Art Direction
Sarah Stamp
Dylan Jury
  Casting Director
  Key Makeup Artist
Doug Belgrad


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2019s ‘Charlie’s Angels’ is a fun watch with a great cast, especially a scene-stealing Kristen Stewart (she has a dance number and I need her in a ‘Step Up’ movie ASAP). I really hope this does well, as there is huge potential for sequels exploring all these new Angels. If you like pure joy, I highly recommend checking it out on the big screen.
- Chris dos Santos

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A pointless reboot for the Woke generation. I wouldn't mind quite so much if the director focused more on a believable storyline than a Twitter-pleasing one instead.

Banal to the extreme, a complete waste of time and money: these contemporary iP reboots simply are not working, especially when the political dogma is more or less forced down one's throats for the sake of a good story,


what a junk, is all i can say


I really did want to like it.

So many of these girl-power-team-up action films that we've gotten in the past decade feel so hollow. Don't get me wrong, I know there is a huge sect of assholes that were absolutely unwilling to ever give this movie a chance, and had pre-ordained that it would be terrible and they hate it before a single frame was shot, and that almost every single dude in that sect made that decision specifically because of the fact that it's a movie with women in the forefront, and it is good and right to target those dudes with your derision. But having actually watched it... Yeah it's feminism with a teeny splash of gay but like... It's a very **corporate** feminism and a very **under-the-rug-able** gay. Which isn't good, but could have been fine, except that it was the only thing that I was looking forward to, and also seems to be what makes _Charlie's Angels_ think it has done enough. But it's so boardroom driven and paper-thin, which I could hack if the actual plot was any good or any number of other things that you normally look to a movie for, but by and large those aspects aren't just hollow, they're straight-up bad.

_Final rating:★★ - Had some things that appeal to me, but a poor finished product._


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First Trailer from Charlie's Angels
 June 27, 2019

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