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The Falcon and the Co-Eds


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 Written by
Michael Arlen Characters
Gerald Geraghty Screenplay
Ardel Wray Screenplay
Ardel Wray Story
Leslie Urbach Dialogue

 Directed by
William Clemens


 Release Date
November 10, 1943

1 hours and 7 minutes (67 minutes)

Tom Conway
  Tom Lawrence, the Falcon
Jean Brooks
  Vicky Gaines
Rita Corday
  Marguerita Serena
Amelita Ward
  Jane Harris
Isabel Jewell
  Mary Phoebus
George Givot
  Dr. Anatole Graelich
Cliff Clark
  Inspector Timothy Donovan
Edward Gargan
  Detective Bates
Barbara Brown
  Miss Keyes
Nita Hunter
  Second Ugh (as Juanita Alvarez)
Ruth Álvarez
  First Ugh
Nancy McCollum
  Third Ugh
Patti Brill
  Beanie Smith
Olin Howland
  Goodwillie, Bluecliff Driver
Ian Wolfe
  Eustace L. Harley
Carole Gallagher
Rosemary La Planche

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