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The Beach Bum


The Beach Bum on IMDb

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 Written by
Harmony Korine Screenplay

 Directed by
Harmony Korine


 Release Date
March 21, 2019

1 hours and 35 minutes (95 minutes)

Matthew McConaughey
Isla Fisher
Snoop Dogg
Stefania LaVie Owen
Martin Lawrence
  Captain Wack
Zac Efron
Jonah Hill
Jimmy Buffett
  Jimmy Buffett
Harold Clinton Archambault
Tonya Oliver
  Drug Counselor
Ricardo Matallana
  Jose the Pool Boy
A. Ali Flores
  Neck Brace Guy

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Not as good as Spring Breakers for me but still an amazing film nonetheless. I loved Matthew McConaughey's performance and this is probably my second favorite Harmony Korine film. Loved it. It'll get pushed under the rug of course but McConaughey deserves an Oscar nomination for sure.


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