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Spies in Disguise


Spies in Disguise on IMDb

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 Written by
Seth Boyden Story Artist
Jeff Call Story Artist
John E. Hurst Story Artist
Bianca Siercke Story Artist
Brad Copeland Writer

 Directed by
Nick Bruno
Troy Quane


 Release Date
June 20, 2019

Will Smith
  Lance Sterling (voice)
Tom Holland
  Walter Beckett (voice)
Ben Mendelsohn
  Tristan McFord (voice)
Karen Gillan
  Eyes (voice)
Rashida Jones
  Marcy Kappel (voice)
DJ Khaled
  Ears (voice)
Masi Oka
  Agent K (voice)
Rachel Brosnahan
  Gidget Garcia (voice)
Reba McEntire

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