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Man of Steel


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June 12, 2013

2 hours and 23 minutes (143 minutes)


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Good flawed film with a great soundtrack
By Jack Anderson on September 16, 2018

The film starts extremely fast with a broad sense of urgency, coupled with a great and very effective soundtrack. This is pure sci-fi, and after the very serious and down to Earth Dark Knight trilogy, things are going 360° in the opposite direction and it is very good to do it like this. It feels fresh and even though the introduction is filled with CGI, it still works because we know this is just one part of the story.

Through various flashbacks, we get to see Clark Kent becoming Superman, over the years, until he really finds out who he is. This is well produced and overall interesting. My only concern is that it doesn't really work. As an example, there is one particular scene that clearly does not work. It is a flashback where Clark Kent basically lets his father die. While it could have worked maybe on paper, it really does not in the film.
While I understand the rational and the original angle, it does not work.

As for the actor himself, Henry Cavill has obviously the looks of Superman. My problem is that I think hiring Cavill was a bad casting decision. The character is not able to go past the perfection of Superman. He doesn't bring much added value to the character. Therefore, his performance is contrived and doesn't really work for me. To be frank, it is not entirely his fault, to say the least, as he doesn't have much dialogue to work with anyway.

At one point, during the film, there is a massive action scene taking place in Smallville. And as big as it is, unfortunately, it ultimately fails because we simply do not care about invincible people fighting other invincible people.

Zach Snyder directs an interesting movie and really did the work. The overall problem for me is that we get a movie so focused on the action that we are left wanting for me.

But I cannot talk about this film without referring to the soundtrack. Hans Zimmer is, once again, the master of movie soundtrack. I kid you not, if there was a version of the opening scene without his music, the film would suddenly feel way worse than it is.

Still, at the end, the movie is not bad. I liked the very serious tone of the movie, insufflated by David S. Goyer and Christopher Nolan's writing.

I give it 5 out of 10. A good but flawed film with a great soundtrack.


Overall this movie is great! It has flaws but it still delivered. For instance, they didn't really explore the loving side of Superman that is the reason for saving humans. But i get it that this could just be a different interpretation of his motives. The relationship between Clark and Lois was almost spontaneous and didn't really develop. Not to mention there was so much action! Sure this is Superman and he deserves a big movie, but that action is just so mind numbing and distracts from the plot. I really did like how they explored Clarks childhood just enough to give justification to his emotions. Although there are criticism about the ending, I thought it was well made. Clark spent his entire youth listening to his father to control himself and he had to learn to make a tough decision. I think this movie has a lot of potential for a sequel if they do it right. I look forward to being able to look back on this and watch it as part of a trilogy and not a stand alone film.

Andres Gomez

The cast is well chosen but the Amy Adams as Lois Lane. Not that she performances bad but she is just not Lois Lane.

Smart choosing to focus in Krypton. Probably, the less repeated story told about Superman.

You can really feel Christopher Nolan's touch in the script and, probably, that's the problem. It is just too similar to Batman Begins. Also, the script repeats Batman's stupidities like the way in which Klark Kent father dies or feeling that Crowe, Superman's father, has everything under control, even his own stupid death.

Tons of FX with incredible fights that may feel exhausting for some but that I think are totally justified in this character.

The OST is again in the hands of Hans Zimmer that keeps abusing of the drumming and grave sounds.

All in all, still looking forward for the next movie of this reboot.

Per Gunnar Jonsson

I guess I am being stubbornly traditional here but this was not really the Superman that I grow up with. I am sure that a lot of people are not going to agree with me on this one but personally I was not overly thrilled with this movie.

Sure, if what you wanted was a wild action ride and unchecked destruction then this movie will most likely satisfy you. However, as a “Superman” movie it just did not feel right to me.

The original story is tweaked and tinkered with too much. The Kryptonians, not only General Zod and his minions, are portrayed in a quite negative light. Superman himself project a hugely negative aura. Lois Lane gets to meet Superman and learn who he really is before he even starts to work for The Daily Planet. And so on and so forth…

The first part of the movie with the back-flashes, with Kal-El just trying to hide, getting bullied etc. is just sad and even boring. It is not until General Zod arrives that things starts to get going. However even then they continue to tinker with things. Apparently it is now enough to breathe Krypton-like air for him to lose his powers. This is just so wrong. Actually, the entire bla bla when they try to “explain” his powers is just dumb. There is an established story behind Superman. Even though it is fantastic and unscientific just stick to it. It is a fantasy comic character after all. Leave it at that. The story itself is not bad but it is not Superman.

Having said all that, when the fighting starts, the special effects and the action definitely have a high “coolness factor”. Superman and General Zod wrecks more havoc than half a dozen Godzillas with a bad case of hangover. Actually the level of mayhem is bordering on the ridiculous but it was fun to watch. Unfortunately I have to admit that this was my enjoyment of this movie, to watch the special effects.

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