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The Grandmother

The Grandmother on IMDb

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 Written by
David Lynch Screenplay

 Directed by
David Lynch

A young boy plants some strange seeds and they grow into a grandmother.


 Release Date
January 1, 1970

0 hours and 34 minutes (34 minutes)

Richard White
Dorothy McGinnis
Virginia Maitland
Robert Chadwick

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Experimentally mastered
By Jack Anderson on August 15, 2019

The Grandmother is the first real short-film from David Lynch. What I liked about it is that the film actually tells a story. I disliked Lost Highway because, to me, the story (or lack thereof) was only an excuse in order to put Patricia Arquette naked in most of the shots.
Here, there is a very clear, simply and at the same time very complex story.

The movie pushes boundaries and we can clearly see that we are in front of a young artist finally being able to push his vision into art. What I loved is that there can be multiple interpretations of the film. The Grandmother is a film that makes you think. It is so rare to have to think in front of movies that it is highly important to mention.

I loved the way the characters are communicating. This was a highly original idea. The father is yelling "Mike" in a very obscure way, the mother is screaming, the grandmother is almost howling.

Meanwhile, this may feel like an obscure experimental short-film, I believe it is actually the opposite. A very fun experience that I recommend.

I give it 5 out of 10. Good.


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