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Thunderbirds on IMDb

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 Written by
Kenneth Gamet Story
Mary C. McCall, Jr. Screenplay

 Directed by
John H. Auer


 Release Date
November 20, 1952

1 hours and 21 minutes (81 minutes)

John Derek
  Lt. Gil Hackett
John Drew Barrymore
  Pvt. Tom McCreery
Mona Freeman
  Lt. Ellen Henderson
Gene Evans
  Sgt. Mike Braggart
Eileen Christy
  Mary Caldwell
Ward Bond
  Lt. John McCreery
Barton MacLane
  Sgt. Durkee
Wally Cassell
  Pfc. Sam Jacobs
Ben Cooper
  Calvin Jones
Scott Elliott
  Keith Watson (as Robert Neil)
Slim Pickens
  Pvt. Wes Shelby
Armando Silvestre
  Cpl. Ralph Mogay
Benny Baker
  Pvt. Charles Klassen
Norman Budd
  Pvt. Lou Radtke
Mae Clarke
  Mrs. Jones

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