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Apocalypse Now

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 Written by
John Milius Screenplay
Francis Ford Coppola Screenplay
Joseph Conrad Novel
Michael Herr Writer

 Directed by
Francis Ford Coppola

At the height of the Vietnam war, Captain Benjamin Willard is sent on a dangerous mission that, officially, "does not exist, nor will it ever exist." His goal is to locate - and eliminate - a mysterious Green Beret Colonel named Walter Kurtz, who has been leading his personal army on illegal guerrilla missions into enemy territory.

This is the end...

 Release Date
August 15, 1979

147 minutes


Martin Sheen Captain Benjamin L. Willard
Marlon Brando Colonel Walter E. Kurtz
Robert Duvall Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore
Frederic Forrest Jay 'Chef' Hicks
Sam Bottoms Lance B. Johnson
Laurence Fishburne Tyrone 'Clean' Miller
Albert Hall Chief Phillips
Harrison Ford Colonel Lucas
Dennis Hopper Photojournalist
G. D. Spradlin General Corman
Jerry Ziesmer Jerry, Civilian
Scott Glenn Lieutenant Richard M. Colby
James Keane Kilgore's Gunner
Kerry Rossall Mike from San Diego
Colleen Camp Miss May
Cynthia Wood Playmate of the Year
Linda Carpenter Playmate
Jack Thibeau Soldier in Trench
Tom Mason Supply Sergeant
Damien Leake Machine Gunner
Marc Coppola AFRS Announcer
Glenn Walken Lieutenant Carlsen
Bill Graham Agent
Jerry Ross Johnny from Malibu / Mike from San Diego
Charles Robinson Soldier with Colby (uncredited)
Nick Nicholson Soldier (uncredited)
Don Gordon Bell Soldier (uncredited)
Evan A. Lottman Soldier (uncredited)
R. Lee Ermey Eagle Thrust Seven Helicopter Pilot (uncredited)
Jim Gaines Extra (uncredited)
Charlie Sheen Extra (uncredited)
Vittorio Storaro TV Photographer (uncredited)
Francis Ford Coppola Director of TV Crew (uncredited)
Henry Strzalkowski Bit Part (uncredited)
Lonnie Woodley Helicopter Skid Marine (uncredited)
Aurore Clément Roxanne Sarrault
G.D. Spradlin General Corman

- At 25 minutes into the movie, film director Francis Ford Coppola can be seen acting as a director of war footage.
- Lead actor Martin Sheen had a heart attack during the filming of the movie.

Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore: I love the smell of napalm in the morning.

The Doors: The End

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