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The Ghost Writer

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 Written by
Robert Harris Novel
Roman Polanski Screenplay
Robert Harris Screenplay

 Directed by
Roman Polanski


 Release Date
February 12, 2010

2 hours and 8 minutes (128 minutes)

Ewan McGregor
  The Ghost
Pierce Brosnan
  Adam Lang
Kim Cattrall
  Amelia Bly
Olivia Williams
  Ruth Lang
Tom Wilkinson
  Paul Emmett
Timothy Hutton
  Sidney Kroll
Jon Bernthal
  Rick Ricardelli
Tim Preece
Robert Pugh
  Richard Rycart
David Rintoul
Eli Wallach
  Old man
James Belushi
  John Maddox
Anna Botting
  SKY TV newsreader
Milton Welsh
  Taxi Driver
Alister Mazzotti
  Protection Officer Nº1
Tim Faraday
Soogi Kang
John Keogh
  Protection Officer Nº2
Marianne Graffam
Morgane Polanski
  Hotel Receptionist
Glenn Conroy
Robert Seeliger
  CNN Newscaster
Clayton Nemrow
Julia Kratz
  Woman with bullhorn
Nyasha Hatendi
Daphne Alexander
Angelique Fernandez
  War Crime Prosecutor
Anne Wittman
  CNN Newscaster
Michael S. Ruscheinsky
  CNN Reporter
Mo Asumang
  US Secretary of State
Errol Shaker
  Mainland Ferry Attendant
Errol Trotman-Harewood
  C.I.A Agent on the Ferry
Talin Lopez
  C.I.A Agent on the Ferry
Joel Kirby
  Motel Receptionist
Regine Hentschel
  Diner Waitress
Jeff Burrell
Eben Young
  FBI Agent
Jaymes Butler
  FBI Agent

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