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The Scarf


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 Written by
Isadore Goldsmith Story
E.A. Rolfe Story
E.A. Dupont Screenplay

 Directed by
E.A. Dupont


 Release Date
April 6, 1951

1 hours and 33 minutes (93 minutes)

John Ireland
  John Howard Barrington
Mercedes McCambridge
  Connie Carter
James Barton
  Ezra Thompson
Emlyn Williams
  Dr. David Dunbar
Lloyd Gough
  Asylum Dr. Gordon
Basil Ruysdael
  Cyrus Barrington
David Wolfe
  Level Louie
Harry Shannon
  Asylum Warden Anderson
Celia Lovsky
  Mrs. Cyrus Barrington
David McMahon
  State Trooper
Chubby Johnson
  Feed Store Manager
Frank Jenks
  Tom, Drunk Cowboy
Emmett Lynn
  Jack, Waiter
Dick Wessel
  Sid, Drunk Cowboy
Frank Jaquet
  Town Sheriff
Lyle Talbot
  City Detective
King Donovan
  Piano Player
O.Z. Whitehead
Frank Richards
Sue Casey
  Miss Dean, Receptionist
Iris Adrian
  Floozy at Level Louie's Place
Richard Alexander
Barry Brooks
  Hospital Prison Guard
John Frederick
Frank Hagney
  Floozy's Boyfriend
Tom Kennedy
  Asylum Inmate
Paul Kruger
  Police Detective

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