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Fields of Gold


Fields of Gold on IMDb

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 Written by
Ronan Bennett Writer
Alan Rusbridger Writer

 Directed by
Bill Anderson


 Release Date
June 8, 2002

3 hours and 0 minutes (180 minutes)

Anna Friel
  Lucia Merritt
Phil Davis
  Roy Lodge
Max Beesley
  Mark Hurst
James Fleet
  Alan Buckley
Mark Strong
  Dr. Tolkin
Alphonsia Emmanuel
  Karen Delage
Ron Cook
  Dave McArdle
Paul Freeman
  Sir James Ferneyhough
Phyllis Logan
  Rachel Greenlaw
David Schofield
Tony Haygarth
  George Hurst
Gary McDonald
Thomas Wheatley
  Francis Chibnall
Benedict Cumberbatch
William Hope
  Nick Venner
Michael Feast
Guy Henry
  Andrew MacIntosh
Paul Ritter
  Chris Oatier
Adrian Schiller
  Ministry Officer
Andrea Lowe

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