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Patriots Day

Patriots Day on IMDb

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 Written by
Peter Berg Screenplay
Matt Cook Screenplay
Joshua Zetumer Screenplay
Peter Berg Story
Matt Cook Story
Paul Tamasy Story
Eric Johnson Story

 Directed by
Peter Berg


 Release Date
December 12, 2016

2 hours and 13 minutes (133 minutes)

Mark Wahlberg
  Sgt. Tommy Saunders
John Goodman
  Commisioner Ed Davis
J.K. Simmons
  Sgt. Jeffrey Pugliese
Kevin Bacon
  Richard DesLauriers
Michelle Monaghan
  Carol Saunders
Alex Wolff
  Dzhokhar Tsarnaev
Themo Melikidze
  Tamerlan Tsarnaev
Michael Beach
  Gov. Deval Patrick
Vincent Curatola
  Mayor Thomas Menino
James Colby
  Superintendent Billy Evans
Jake Picking
  Sean Collier
Melissa Benoist
  Katherine Russell
Jimmy O. Yang
  Dun Meng
Christopher O'Shea
  Patrick Downes
Rachel Brosnahan
  Jessica Kensky
Khandi Alexander
Lana Condor
Dustin Tucker
  Steve Woolfenden
Lucas Thor Kelley
  Leo Woolfenden
Martine Assaf
  Connie Pugliese
Cara Leroy O'Connell
Pamela Amicy
Brandon Wahlberg
  Officer Travis Dixon
Kelby Turner Akin
  Officer Dic Donohue
Billy Smith
  Charlie Collins
Paige MacLean
  Lisa Murphy
Adam Trese
  John Bradshaw
Hampton Fluker
  James Williams
Jay Giannone
Cliff Moylan
  Sergeant John MacLellan
Curtis J. Bellafiore
  Officer Joey Reynolds
Elijah Guo
  Dias Kadyrbayev
Jin Yang Brancalhao
Brent Saunders
Dean Neistat
  Michael Butler
John Fiore
  Michael Thomas
Kathy Harum
  Carol's Mom
Erica McDermott
  Jimmy's Girlfriend
Peter Berg
  Guy Opening MIT Door
John Franchi
  Park Pedestrian

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Boston Strong
By Jack Anderson on September 7, 2019

After having spent a week in Boston (my second visit in this beautiful city), I decided to watch this film in order to learn more about the fateful day when the city was hit by a terrorist attack.
Ironically, the previous film I had seen starring Mark Wahlberg was Deepwater Horizon, the film he shot just before Patriots Day. While both movies are telling a completely different story, they both tell a true story, which goes beyond being a simple film but letting us witness what happened during these dramatic events – Deepwater Horizon was a movie on the BP oil spill from 2010.

The camera movements from Patriots Day and the light both give us a sense of ultra-relism, while not being a documentary.

What I also particularly liked was how messy the police work was. When watching too many movies or TV series, one could forget that life is not as well organized as Hollywood would like to make us believe. That most of the time, people have no clue what to do and simply react the best way they can.

Overall, the movie was really interesting and well crafted. I give it 7 out of 10. Excellent.


**Terrorism has a religion and we all know which one!**

One of the best films recently I have seen. It was based on the real. About the 2013 Boston marathon bombing. This film was an eye opener for me. I mean all I knew was the marathon bombing, but I came to know that was only half, the other half was even more serious events that stretched for like a week after the original event.

The best part of the film was, there were no solo heroes in this story. Everybody contributed in some way to fight against the evil. The screenplay was shared by all the great actors, even small role ones equally. I loved how it all went on, as a team from different forces, but tackled the situation by joining the hands. I don't know it was only the film, but very impressive. That's patriotism!

In the opening, you could see different people from different places of Boston preparing for the big event. And then they all end up in the same place where a series of explosion goes up. Quickly the security agencies come together and investigate it. With a small clue, kicks starts the manhunt. This is the part I loved it. Hunting pisslam pigs are always so pleasure to watch.

Suspense, thriller, the story was well paced and took forward with a wonderful ending. Awesome direction. Another hit in a single year alongside 'Deepwater Horizon'. Interesting, Wahlberg involved in both these films. I've also heard that the two screenplays was merged to make a single film. One was a drama and the other one was an action packed story. That's why it was well balanced between everything. From individual's story to together in the events. A must see film.



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