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Steven Soderbergh

As an epidemic of a lethal airborne virus - that kills within days - rapidly grows, the worldwide medical community races to find a cure and control the panic that spreads faster than the virus itself.

 Release Date

September 8, 2011


1h46m (106 min)


$ 60,000,000


$ 137,551,594

 Top Billed Cast

 Marion Cotillard
 Leonora Orantes
 Matt Damon
 Mitch Emhoff
 Laurence Fishburne
 Ellis Cheever
 Jude Law
 Alan Krumwiede
 Kate Winslet
 Erin Mears
 Jennifer Ehle
 Ally Hextall

 Written by

Scott Z. Burns Screenplay


Nothing spreads like fear



Marion Cotillard
  Leonora Orantes
Matt Damon
  Mitch Emhoff
Laurence Fishburne
  Ellis Cheever
Jude Law
  Alan Krumwiede
Kate Winslet
  Erin Mears
Jennifer Ehle
  Ally Hextall
Gwyneth Paltrow
  Beth Emhoff
Bryan Cranston
  Lyle Haggerty
Elliott Gould
  Ian Sussman
Ng Chin Han
  Sun Feng
John Hawkes
Anna Jacoby-Heron
  Jory Emhoff
Sanaa Lathan
  Aubrey Cheever
Demetri Martin
  David Eisenberg
Armin Rohde
  Damian Leopold
Enrico Colantoni
  Dennis French
Larry Clarke
Monique Gabriela Curnen
  Lorraine Vasquez
Daria Strokous
Rick Uecker
  Minnesota Health
Jamie Newell
  Siphon Woman (uncredited)
Griffin Kane
  Clark Morrow
Rebecca Spence
  Jon Neal's Wife
Yoshiaki Kobayashi
  Japanese Bus Man
Teri McEvoy
  School Nurse
Sue Redman
  ER Nurse #1
Teri Campbell
  ER Nurse #2
Stef Tovar
  Dr. Arrington
Mary Jo Faraci
  Social Worker
Grace Rex
  Carrie Anne
Joseph Anthony Foronda
  WHO Official
Annabelle Armour
  Beth's Mother
Jim Ortlieb
  Funeral Director
Kara Zediker
  Elizabeth Nygaard
Laura Fisher
  Sick Lady
Mary Beth Dolan
Dan Flannery
  Hextall's Father
Jason Babinsky
  Shivering Man
Howie Johnson
  Morgue Worker
Sanjay Gupta
  Sanjay Gupta
Chui Tien-You
  Li Fai
Josie Ho
  Li Fai's Sister
Steven Soderbergh
  John Neal (voice, uncredited)
Phillip James Brannon
Andrew White
  Assistant Medical Examiner
Scott Stangland
  Minnesota Health #1
Jimmy Chung
  Minnesota Health #2
John Hines
  AIMM Employee #1
Joshua Weinstein
  AIMM Employee #2
Sarah Charipar
  AIMM Employee #3
Mark Czoske
  AIMM Employee #4
Dan Aho
  Aaron Barnes
Randy Lowell
  Hedge Fund Man in Park
Sau-Ming Tsang
  Chinese Health Official #2
Jim Anderson
  Police Officer (uncredited)
Bambadjan Bamba
  Dread (uncredited)
Rodolfo C Barrios
  Sick Guy (uncredited)
Bryan Basil
  Senate Staffer (uncredited)
Ahmed Boulane
  Doctor Haddad (uncredited)
Kadrolsha Ona Carole
  News Reporter (uncredited)
Liz Clare
  Vaccine Recipient (uncredited)
Rashida Clendening
  Interviewee (uncredited)
David Cohen
  News Reporter (uncredited)
James Anthony Cotton
  Tough Guy (uncredited)
Duke Czlonka
  National Guard Sergeant (uncredited)
Andrew Dasz
  Airport Passager (uncredited)
Jonathan Davila
  Pharmacy Rioter (uncredited)
Joe DeBartolo
  Food Drop Recipient (uncredited)
Eduardo Ambriz DeColosio
  Interviewee (uncredited)
Amanda Dyar
  Vaccinated Citizen (uncredited)
Shannon Edwards
  Michael Giannes - Minnesota Health Department (uncredited)
Anas El Baz
  Ahraf (uncredited)
Logan Fry
  Washington D.C. Lobbyist (uncredited)
Kenley Gaffke
  Vaccine Patient (uncredited)
Christian Heep
  Reporter (uncredited)
Alex Hill 3
  Press Room Reporter (uncredited)
John Hoogenakker
  Rafik's Lawyer (uncredited)
Matt Iwinski
  Photographer (uncredited)
Sarah Kliban
  Interviewee (uncredited)
Iris Kohl
  Reporter (uncredited)
Suzanne Lang
  ER Nurse (uncredited)
Elester Latham
  Doctor (uncredited)
Ina Lereine
  Pedestrian (uncredited)
Seth Leslie
  Stage Performer (uncredited)
John Lobato
  Sickly Victim (uncredited)
Patterson Lundquist
  Concerned Citizen (uncredited)
Josiah Lyricq
  Protestor (uncredited)
Mino Mackic
  Airport Businessman (uncredited)
Carl Marino
  Pharmacy Fighter (uncredited)
Timothy W. Mather
  Print Journalist (uncredited)
Thomas McCormick
  Photographer (uncredited)
Dave McNulty
  Doctor in Lobby (uncredited)
E. Roger Mitchell
  Driver (uncredited)
Paul D. Morgan
  Hazmat Doctor (uncredited)
Jesse Muick
  Vaccine Recipient (uncredited)
Larry Nazimek
  CDC Employee (uncredited)
Andrew Nitzke
  Epidemic Victim (uncredited)
Matthew Parry-Jones
  Sick Child (uncredited)
Eric Pierson
  Driver (uncredited)
Steven Potts
  Sick Man (uncredited)
Steven James Price
  Lt. Col Ginsberg (uncredited)
Kyle Quesnoy
  Redhead Interviewee (uncredited)
Brandi Quinn
  Sickly Victim (uncredited)
Kenya Robertson
  Waitress (uncredited)
Joshua Rollins
  Reporter (uncredited)
Sandy Rouge
  Medical Staff (uncredited)
Helen Sadler
  Polish Maid (uncredited)
Peggy Sandow
  Sick Woman (uncredited)
Jane Santos
  Survivor (uncredited)
Hester Schell
  Epidemic Victim (uncredited)
Jon Komp Shin
  On Air News Reporter San Francisco (uncredited)
Walt Sloan
  Hospital Physician (uncredited)
Gregory Marshall Smith
  CDC Reporter / Health Official (uncredited)
Ylian Alfaro Snyder
  Sick Citizen (uncredited)
Joshua Squire
  Vaccine Patient (uncredited)
January Stern
  Congress Woman (uncredited)
Michael T Stewart
  Citizen (uncredited)
Thomas W. Stewart
  Doctor (uncredited)
Giota Trakas
  Reporter (uncredited)
Ken Venzke
  On Air Reporter San Francisco Channel 7 (uncredited)
Abby Wait
  Girl In Cafe (uncredited)
Amr Waked
  Rafik (uncredited)
Robert A. Young
  Capital Police (uncredited)


David Lazan
  Supervising Art Director
Cliff Martinez
  Original Music Composer
Steven Soderbergh
Steven Soderbergh
  Director of Photography
Stephen Mirrione
Cindy Carr
  Set Decoration
Louise Frogley
  Costume Design
Michael Shamberg
Stacey Sher
Howard Cummings
  Production Design
Jonathan King
  Executive Producer
Stephan Dupuis
  Makeup Artist
Scott Z. Burns
Jeff Skoll
  Executive Producer
Carmen Cuba
Ricky Strauss
  Executive Producer
Zakaria Alaoui
  Line Producer
Stephanie Gilliam
  Assistant Art Director
Dominic Mango
Kay Georgiou
Gregory Jacobs
Chen On Chu
  Line Producer
Kate Biscoe
  Makeup Department Head
David A. Whittaker
  Dialogue Editor
Claudette Barius
  Still Photographer
Merje Veski
  Assistant Art Director
Suzi Ostos
  Makeup Artist
Brad Einhorn
  Property Master
Larry Blake
  Supervising Sound Editor
Larry Blake
  Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Annie Welles
  Script Supervisor
Abdellah Baadil
  Art Direction
Robert J. Carlyle
  Construction Coordinator
Shari Ratliff
  Art Department Coordinator
Simon Dobbin
  Art Direction
Fríða Aradóttir
  Hair Department Head
Laurel Kelly
Samuel Wong
Fannie Chan
  Makeup Artist
David Brown
  Production Manager
Francine Lusser
  Production Manager
Johnny Wang
  Production Manager
Carrie Yiu
  Art Department Coordinator
Aaron Shores
  Construction Coordinator
Tyler Osman
  Construction Coordinator
Bruce Hui
  Construction Coordinator
Matt Coby
  Dialogue Editor
Byron Wilson
  Dialogue Editor
Dennis Towns
  Sound mixer
Mark Weingarten
  Sound mixer
John S. Robertson
  Rigging Grip
Dan Bell
Monika Sloan
  Utility Stunts


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 New Review

By Jack Anderson on March 19, 2020

I watched Contagion when traveling in the US back in 2011 and I must admit that after a full day of sightseeing, I actually fell asleep during the film. To my defense, the movie is not having such a high pace. No big dramatic scenes. No screaming. Just a story that unfolds like the virus does.
Nine years later, we are in the middle of the global coronavirus pandemic and rewatching it in the midst of this crisis is astonishing. While the story doesn't unfolds exactly the same way, many aspects are dramatically identical.
What I liked a lot is the way filmmaker Steven Soderbergh was able to get an ultra-realistic tone. The actors are all wonderful in their low-key performances. And I must say that as years go by, I crave for realism in cinema. From the very first scene, things are and feel natural. And I really liked that. This is also the downside of this cinema, the film is quite boring, especially in its second half. But still, I liked it and while I get it deserves a 6, I'll give it a 7 because of how premonitory it was.

I give it 7 out of 10. Excellent.


Since watching this movie I think I feel differently when people around me start sneezing.


I have a special place in my heart for the medical thriller. Looking back, I believe it stems both from being sick a lot when I was a kid, and from really enjoying great ones over the years, like 'Coma' and 'Outbreak'. As well, more recently I remember the panic both my son's mother and I tended to have when our son was born during the SARS epidemic back in 2003. Needless to say, when one of these films comes along, it's only a matter of time before it crosses my path.

Director Soderbergh is intelligent enough to really make this material work, going at it from every conceivable angle (and many inconceivable ones!) yet still giving it coherence in a decent runtime (not a Bay-esque three hours) and there's enough star power to keep one's attention. The best kind of review for these sort of films is that it leaves you thinking twice before you have an affair, or even throw out your Kleenex, and that's specifically what Soderbergh's work here does.

Rocketeer Raccoon

Even if Contagion has a decent star line up for a disease epidemic movie such as Matt Damon, Jude Law and Laurence Fishburne but the film itself actually felt really flat and I thought it was very disappointing to be honest. I was actually expecting a lot more from this but instead the story just wasn't very thrilling and exciting and most of the main characters were completely meaningless and uninteresting.

Matt Damon plays one of the better main characters who is trying to keep his daughter safe from the infection but I think this subplot was very underdeveloped and they could have expanded on this more to give it more of a thrilling story to really show the world going to Hell. I mean the film itself is ok but it's a very flawed and I was actually expecting a more bleak ending.


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