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 Written by
Cully Hamner Story
Erich Hoeber Writer
Jon Hoeber Writer
Warren Ellis Story

 Directed by
Robert Schwentke


 Release Date
October 13, 2010

1 hours and 51 minutes (111 minutes)

Bruce Willis
  Frank Moses
Morgan Freeman
  Joe Matheson
John Malkovich
  Marvin Boggs
Helen Mirren
Mary-Louise Parker
Karl Urban
  William Cooper
Brian Cox
  Ivan Simanov
Richard Dreyfuss
  Alexander Dunning
James Remar
  Gabriel Loeb
Ernest Borgnine
Julian McMahon
  VP Stanton
Michelle Nolden
  Michelle Cooper
Jonathan Walker
John Stead
Laura de Carteret
  Fundraiser Greeter
Emily Kuroda
  Mrs. Chan
Justine Wachsberger
Heidi von Palleske
  Woman Neighbor
Desiree Beausoleil
  Security Woman
Chris Owens
  Hanged Man
Rebecca Pidgeon
  Cynthia Wilkes
Jaqueline Fleming
Randy Wade Kelley
Jason Giuliano
Alec Rayme
  Cop at Intersection
Lawrence Turner
  Retirement Home Assassin
Joe Chrest
  Retirement Home Detective
Tara Yelland
  Wilkes' Secretary
Tony De Santis
  Security Chief

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Nice distraction
By Carry9 on May 12, 2019

This movie is a nice distraction for a rainy afternoon.
For me it was a little bit too improvised, but I was working while watching it. So it keeps you entertained.


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