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 Written by
William Boyd Screenplay
Bryan Forbes Screenplay
William Goldman Screenplay
Charlie Chaplin Book
David Robinson Book

 Directed by
Richard Attenborough


 Release Date
December 18, 1992

2 hours and 23 minutes (143 minutes)

Robert Downey Jr.
  Charles Spencer Chaplin
Geraldine Chaplin
  Hannah Chaplin
Paul Rhys
  Sydney Chaplin
John Thaw
  Fred Karno
Moira Kelly
  Hetty Kelly / Oona O'Neill Chaplin
Anthony Hopkins
  George Hayden
Dan Aykroyd
  Mack Sennett
Marisa Tomei
  Mabel Normand
Penelope Ann Miller
  Edna Purviance
Kevin Kline
  Douglas Fairbanks
Maria Pitillo
  Mary Pickford
Milla Jovovich
  Mildred Harris
Kevin Dunn
  J. Edgar Hoover
Deborah Moore
  Lita Grey
Diane Lane
  Paulette Goddard
Nancy Travis
  Joan Barry
James Woods
  Joseph Scott
David Duchovny
  Rollie Totheroh
John Standing
  Henry, Chaplin's Butler
Matthew Cottle
  Stan Laurel
Michael Cade
  Sydney Chaplin Jr.
P.H. Moriarty
  Workhouse Official
Howard Lew Lewis
  Workhouse Official

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Carefully crafted but...
By Jack Anderson on April 2, 2018

The film was carefully crafted and is surely interesting, for any fan of Charles Chaplin, such as me. The main problem, as with many biopics, is that we don't truly get to live Chaplin's life. We get to go from one scene to another, but except for all his marital problems, we never actually get to feel and understand him, as we can in his famous autobiography.

I give it 5 out of 10. Good, but could have been much better.

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