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Gerald's Game


Gerald's Game on IMDb

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 Written by
Stephen King Novel
Jeff Howard Screenplay
Mike Flanagan Screenplay

 Directed by
Mike Flanagan


 Release Date
September 19, 2017

1 hours and 44 minutes (104 minutes)

Carla Gugino
Bruce Greenwood
Henry Thomas
Chiara Aurelia
  Young Jessie
Kate Siegel
Carel Struycken
  Moonlight Man
Adalyn Jones
Bryce Harper
Gwendolyn Mulamba
James Flanagan
  Court Clerk
Dori Lumpkin
  Teenage Girl
Natalie Roers
  Reporter #1
Bill Riales
  Reporter #3
Chuck Borden
  Court Officer #1
Mike McGill
  Court Officer #2
Charles Dube
  Corrections Officer
Kimberly Battista
Jon Arthur
  Mobile Police Officer
John Ceallach
  Police Officer
Tony Beard
  TV News Reporter
Tom Glynn
  DOC Prisoner
Stu Cookson
Ben Pronsky
  Radio Reporter (voice)
Joseph Chadwick Kinney
  Line Reporter
Charles Adams
  Courtroom Guests (uncredited)
Michael Amstutz
  DOC Prisoner (uncredited)
Tom Glynn
  DOC Prisoner (uncredited)
Victoria Hardway
  Courtroom Guests (uncredited)
Shane Jackson
  Courtroom Reporter (uncredited)
Shannon J. Jackson
  Print Reporter (uncredited)
Nailim Sanchez
  Defendant (uncredited)

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Mike Flanagan has absolutely bowled me over, yet again. We've had some good Stephen King adaptations in 2017 (and some bad ones, lookin' at you _Dark Tower_), but _Gerald's_ _Game_ gives Andy Muschietti's _It_ a run for its money as the best one of the year. The core story of _Gerald's Game_ is enough to earn it a passing grade, but everything surrounding it (and after it) elevates it to the next level.

_Final rating:★★★½ - I really liked it. Would strongly recommend you give it your time._


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