Little Women

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Greta Gerwig

 Release Date

December 25, 2019

 Top Billed Cast

 Saoirse Ronan
 Josephine "Jo" March
 Florence Pugh
 Amy March
 Emma Watson
 Margaret "Meg" March
 Laura Dern
 Margaret "Marmee" March
 Eliza Scanlen
 Elizabeth "Beth" March
 Timothée Chalamet
 Theodore "Laurie" Laurence

 Written by

Greta Gerwig Screenplay
Louisa May Alcott Novel



Saoirse Ronan
  Josephine "Jo" March
Florence Pugh
  Amy March
Emma Watson
  Margaret "Meg" March
Laura Dern
  Margaret "Marmee" March
Eliza Scanlen
  Elizabeth "Beth" March
Timothée Chalamet
  Theodore "Laurie" Laurence
Meryl Streep
  Aunt Josephine March
James Norton
  John Brooke
Louis Garrel
  Friedrich Bhaer
Bob Odenkirk
  Mr. March
Chris Cooper
  Mr. Laurence
Abby Quinn
  Annie Moffat
Hadley Robinson
  Sallie Gardiner Moffatt
Jayne Houdyshell
Meryl Streep
  Aunt March
Tracy Letts
  Mr. Dashwood
Mason Alban
  Friedrich's Friend
Maryann Plunkett
  Mrs. Kirke
Lonnie Farmer
  Concord Sales Clerk
Ana Kayne
Erin Rose
  Girl at Ballroom #1
Edward Fletcher
  Laurence's Servant
Sasha Frolova
  Mrs. Hummel
David J. Curtis
  Train Porter
Bill Mootos
  Mr. Davis
Lewis D. Wheeler
  Josiah Workman
Jen Nikolaisen
  Evelyn Meriwether
Lilly Englert
  Kate Vaughn
Tom Kemp
  Asa Melvin
Daniel O'Shea
  Soldier With Telegram
Anthony Estrella


Arnon Milchan
  Executive Producer
Francine Maisler
  Casting Director
Denise Di Novi
Alexandre Desplat
  Original Music Composer
Yorick Le Saux
  Director of Photography
Jess Gonchor
  Production Design
Kathy Driscoll
  Casting Director
Robin Swicord
Adam Merims
  Executive Producer
Jacqueline Durran
  Costume Design
Greta Gerwig
Greta Gerwig
Louisa May Alcott
Claire Kaufman
  Set Decoration
Chris Farmer
  Art Direction
Sean Falkner
  Art Direction
Amy Pascal
Bryan Felty
  Art Direction
Nick Houy


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I’m not discounting the new approached Greta has taken here. I personally think it’s great and, in 2019, definitely poignant but it also shows too much respect for only one on-screen woman. I can’t help but feel that, while serving one grand idea, Greta has caused a disservice to those other women in its wake.
- Jess Fenton

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Opinions are opinions. Subjective or objective, but I find quite interesting the positive response Greta Gerwig's second feature film has received, considering the so self-complacent film she created.
I personally believe that.

Do not confuse that feeling with me saying this is a misdone film. There's talent in her direction but Gerwig instead of looking for a challenge having the doors as open as she has them at the moment, she sat in the conformism and made a film that feels totally built as a ''For Your Consideration '' And be afraid if she's not considered.

I don't deny that Gerwig loves the novel, she shows it and certainly this version is her personal vision but despite the nice attempt, there's nothing new or fresh in her take.
I have to admit and emphasize that at this point it's completely stupid and naive to ask for a radical change in a story which has already been told a lot of times in film, however, it also cannot help feeling like a cheap mean of exploiting the story considering our current times, where feminism is now a driving force in the industry.
Like I said, she went for the safe bet.

And yet despite Gerwig's attempt to increase that specific plot weight, she also avoids going to issues that wouldn't work for the story she was trying to tell, because although they're not girls with money, they have the privilege of being protected from the civil war.

Jo is a young woman aware of herself and her mind, which in those times wasn't something positive but obviously the external world is not a concern for her, only her personal interests. And that's ok, we get to be that way, especially when we're young, but how do you try to make woke characters, if it's only in the things that suits them?
That's where the pertinent questions should be asked about what it was decided to take in order to make this new version work according to the director's perspective.

In the end, despite the production quality, Little Women is just a conventional and ordinary repetition of a literary classic that I personally think has already been too used.
But the proposal works both to be loved and to be hated and that depends a lot on the mentality you carry with you when you go to see it.
As always the rest depends on what you get from the film.


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