The Bad Batch

2017  119 MN

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Ana Lily Amirpour

In a desert wasteland in Texas, a muscled cannibal breaks one important rule: don’t play with your food.

 Release Date

June 23, 2017


1h59m (119 min)


$ 6,000,000


$ 180,851

 Top Billed Cast

 Suki Waterhouse
 Arlen Johnson
 Jason Momoa
 Miami Man
 Giovanni Ribisi
 The Screamer
 Keanu Reeves
 The Dream
 Jim Carrey
 The Hermit
 Yolonda Ross

 Written by

Ana Lily Amirpour Writer



Suki Waterhouse
  Arlen Johnson
Jason Momoa
  Miami Man
Giovanni Ribisi
  The Screamer
Keanu Reeves
  The Dream
Jim Carrey
  The Hermit
Yolonda Ross
Jayda Fink
Diego Luna
  Jimmy (uncredited)
Cory Roberts
  Bridge Man in the Desert
E.R. Ruiz
  Lone Man
Aye Hasegawa
Louie Lopez Jr.
Joni Podesta
  Muscle Woman #1
  Muscle Woman #2
Ashleigh Biller
  Dream Girl
Irene Guindal
  Dream Girl
Nina Mansker
  Dream Girl
Emily O'Brien
  Dream Girl
DaLaura Patton
  Dream Girl
Lana Walling
  Dream Girl
Ndea Williams
  Dream Girl


Justine Baddeley
Tony Gardner
Kim Davis-Wagner
Samantha Housman
Megan Ellison
Eddy Moretti
  Executive Producer
Tracey Landon
  Line Producer
Lisa Son
  Set Decoration
Lyle Vincent
  Director of Photography
Shane Smith
  Executive Producer
Brandon Tonner-Connolly
  Production Design
Ana Lily Amirpour
Ana Lily Amirpour
Louise Runge
Natalie O'Brien
  Costume Design
Alex O'Flinn
Jillian Longnecker
Sina Sayyah
Sheri Davani
Michelle Chung
  Makeup Artist
Sean Brennan
  Art Direction
Danny Gabai
Samantha Scher
Kimberly Carlson
Wednesday Standley
  Production Supervisor


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_The Bad Batch_ ticked so many of my aesthetic boxes going in, that I didn't see any possible way that I could hate it. And I didn't, but it does make me worry, that if someone like me could come out of _The Bad Batch_ just "liking" it, then how will a more general audience respond? My assumption is that it's probably not favourably.

_Final rating:★★½ - Had a lot that appealed to me, didn’t quite work as a whole._


I liked the look of this film. It reminded a lot of Fallout 4, especially the two major settlements could be made into settlements in the game easily, and the special effects were amazing. What I didn't like was the story, as it confused the hell out of me. I couldn't understand the motivations of the main character, or really any other character in the movie as they really gave no reasons for anything they did nor could those motivations be inferred, and the lack of dialogue meant no one asked why about anything. Or if anyone questioned anything, the best answer you get is thats just the way it is. I could accept that if what it was made any sense, and most of the time it didn't. I'm going with a bold idea that was mishandled.

Final rating:★½ - Style over substance.


**In the land of savages!**

The overall concept was good, but I did not like the initiation. I don't like any film of cannibalism. I don't know why such films are made. What's the point! Definitely not entertainment or art. It could only encourage such savage culture. So I thought I made a mistake picking it to watch. Except the opening, the rest of the film was different. Then ended as a just below average product.

In a near future, where all the criminals, illegal immigrants are dumped in a waste desert land. So they have made their own system, divided by two. One the savages and the other is kind of civilised, but not without flaws. A new arrival who experience from both the end, had to decide where she belongs when a series of bad events had taken place.

Here comes another film from a woman director. Her previous film was one of the worst in the history of filmdom. And again this is not her best work either. Though I liked the cast. They all performed well, particularly Jim Carrey. Yes, I did not recognise him at first. Then there's Keanu Reeves. But Waterhouse was good. I wish her a good future. Generally not recommended, but then it's your choice!



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