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Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life
Gainsbourg (vie héroïque)

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 Written by

 Directed by

 Release Date
January 20, 2010

130 minutes

Eric Elmosnino Serge Gainsbourg
Doug Jones La gueule
Anna Mouglalis Juliette Greco
Mylène Jampanoï Bambou
Sara Forestier France Gall
Răzvan Vasilescu Joseph Gainsburg (le père)
Yolande Moreau Fréhel
Claude Chabrol Le Producteur Musique de Gainsbourg
Philippe Duquesne Lucky Sarcelles

Serge Gainsbourg: Je sais pas où vider le trop plein.

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By Jack Anderson on January 15, 2019

Most of the biopics share the same virtues along with the same downsides. We crave to see and experience the lives of our idols, but most biopics fail to capture the essence of the characters they aim to portrait. Because there is usually no point, only to show us that person. But what is the morale of the story? What is the goal?
Here, the director, which is also a drafter (drawing artist), purposely try to create something bigger. And, from my humble opinion, it works... most of the time.
The first part of the movie is outstanding. Simply brilliant. This is the story of a young kid who is, for the lack of a better word, impertinent. The young actor, Kacey Mottet Klein, is wonderful. What makes his performance even better is that he's got a Swiss accent from Lausanne, that is giving him an oddity that works perfectly.

Twenty-two minutes into the film, we leave the young kid to experience the adult life of Serge Gainsbourg. There is a clear cut and I must say I found the first story more interesting. As if the story of an impertinent kid could have been a movie on its own. There's this magic with kids that you don't find with adults. And suddenly, the magic is less present. But still, the film keeps being interesting. We get to meet many famous people from great eras and at the end, this is a story about facing our own demons. And the very imaginative scenes are very enjoyable.

I give it 7 out of 10. Excellent.

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