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Kevin Smith

Convenience and video store clerks Dante and Randal are sharp-witted, potty-mouthed and bored out of their minds. So in between needling customers, the counter jockeys play hockey on the roof, visit a funeral home and deal with their love lives.

 Release Date

September 13, 1994


1h32m (92 min)


$ 27,000


$ 3,151,130

 Top Billed Cast

 Brian O'Halloran
 Dante Hicks
 Jeff Anderson
 Randal Graves
 Jason Mewes
 Kevin Smith
 Silent Bob
 Lisa Spoonhauer
 Caitlin Bree
 Marilyn Ghigliotti
 Veronica Loughran

 Written by

Kevin Smith Screenplay


Just because they serve you doesn't mean they like you.



Brian O'Halloran
  Dante Hicks
Jeff Anderson
  Randal Graves
Jason Mewes
Kevin Smith
  Silent Bob
Lisa Spoonhauer
  Caitlin Bree
Marilyn Ghigliotti
  Veronica Loughran
Scott Mosier
  Willam Black/Angry Hockey Playing Customer/Angry Mourner
Walt Flanagan
  Woolen Cap Smoker/Egg Man/Offended Customer/Cat Admiring Bitter Customer
Scott Schiaffo
  Chewlie's Rep
David Klein
  Hunting Cap Smoking Boy/Low I.Q. Video Customer/Hubcap Searching Customer/Angry Mourner/Angry Crowd at Door
Ed Hapstak
  Sanford/Angry Mourner
Pattijean Csik
John Henry Westhead
  Olaf Oleeson
Kimberly Loughran
  Heather Jones
Grace Smith
  Milk Lady
Mitch Cohen
  Leaning Against Wall / Angry Crowd at Door


Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith
Scott Mosier
David Klein
  Director of Photography
Benji Gordon
  Music Supervisor


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Over the years, I have really enjoyed Smith's comic book writing, but this is the only film so far I have seen him direct. My cinephilic friends tend to dismiss his recent works, but this was very enjoyable. I like the influence he has had on independent cinema. 1994 certainly proved to be an important year for it, with the smash successes that independent studios had with 'Clerks' and 'Pulp Fiction'. I hope he sticks to directing films that he himself writes. I have the feeling he wants to expand his horizons but isn't quite sure how to go about it without alienating his huge fanbase. I have great confidence in him, and feel that if he puts his heart into it, he can be a great filmmaker, instead of a good one. I think for him to do so, he could do himself a great service and read a few less comic books and watch a lot more movies, particularly by the Hollywood greats from the Golden Age, such as Sir Alfred Hitchcock, Howard Hawks, Raoul Walsh and John Ford. It would be quite exciting to see what he comes up with, once his creative juices are recharged.

Andrew Gentry

Quite a controversial movie, I would say, yet the very one from all by Kevin Smith I actually like. Not for those below-the-belt jokes but this lowlife vibe most of us lost on the halfway to adult life. Now I find myself lying with my laptop on a couch, like I always do after a long day at work, filling out the form 8862 and recalling the times like that. The times when the bare minimum seemed to be a freedom and the only thing one needs to be satisfied with their life.


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