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Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

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 Written by
David Lynch Author
Robert Engels Author

 Directed by
David Lynch

In the questionable town of Deer Meadow, Washington, FBI Agent Desmond inexplicably disappears while hunting for the man who murdered a teen girl. The killer is never apprehended, and, after experiencing dark visions and supernatural encounters, Agent Dale Cooper chillingly predicts that the culprit will claim another life. Meanwhile, in the more cozy town of Twin Peaks, hedonistic beauty Laura Palmer hangs with lowlifes and seems destined for a grisly fate.

Meet Laura Palmer... In a town where nothing is as it seems... And everyone has something to hide.

 Release Date
June 3, 1992

135 minutes


Sheryl Lee Laura Palmer
Ray Wise Leland Palmer
Mädchen Amick Shelly Johnson
Dana Ashbrook Bobby Briggs
James Marshall James Hurley
Frances Bay Mrs. Tremond/Chalfont
David Bowie Phillip Jeffries
Pamela Gidley Teresa Banks
Heather Graham Annie Blackburn
Chris Isaak Chester Desmond
Moira Kelly Donna Heyward
Peggy Lipton Norma Jennings
David Lynch Gordon Cole
Jürgen Prochnow Woodsman
Harry Dean Stanton Carl Rodd
Kiefer Sutherland Sam Stanley
Lenny Von Dohlen Harold Smith
Kyle MacLachlan Dale Cooper
Jonathan J. Leppell Mrs. Tremond's Grandson
Kimberly Anne Cole Lil the Dancer
Phoebe Augustine Ronette Pulaski
Eric DaRe Leo Johnson
Miguel Ferrer Albert Rosenfeld
Grace Zabriskie Sarah Palmer
Catherine E. Coulson The Log Lady
Michael J. Anderson Man From Another Place
Frank Silva Bob
Walter Olkewicz Jacques Renault
Al Strobel Philip Gerard (The One Armed Man)
Gary Hershberger Mike Nelson
Sandra Kinder Irene at Hap's
Chris Pedersen Tommy
Victor Rivers Buck
Rick Aiello Cliff Howard
Gary Bullock Sheriff Cable
Jon Huck FBI Agent
Mike Malone FBI Agent
Joe Berman Bus Driver
Yvonne Roberts First Prostitute
Audra L. Cooper Second Prostitute
John Hoobler Pilot
Elizabeth McCarthy Giggling Secretary
C.H. Evans Jack at Hap's
Paige Bennett French Girl at Hap's
G. Kenneth Davidson Old Guy at Hap's
Ingrid Brucato Curious Woman
Chuck McQuary Medic
Margaret Adams Fat Trout Neighbor
Carlton Lee Russell Jumping Man
Calvin Lockhart The Electrician
David Brisbin Second Woodsman
Andrea Hays Heidi
Julee Cruise Roadhouse Singer
Steven Hodges Band at Roadhouse
William Ungerman Band at Roadhouse
Joseph 'Simon' Szeibert Band at Roadhouse
Smokey Hormel Band at Roadhouse
Joseph L. Altruda Band at Roadhouse
James Parks Service Station Mechanic
Jane Jones School Teacher
Karin Robison Angel in Train Car
Lorna MacMillan Angel in Red Room
Philip Anagnos Student
Anne Gaybis Dancer on Stage in 'Pink Room'
John Nelson Double R Diner Customer

Other release date : may 1992, Cannes Film Festival

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Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me 1992 Movie
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