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The Phantom Tollbooth


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 Written by
Norton Juster Book
Chuck Jones Screenplay
Sam Rosen Screenplay

 Directed by
Abe Levitow
David Monahan
Chuck Jones


 Release Date
November 7, 1970

1 hours and 30 minutes (90 minutes)

Butch Patrick
Mel Blanc
  Officer Short Shrift / Dodecahedron / Demon of Insincerity (voice)
Daws Butler
  Whether Man / Senses Taker / Terrible Trivium / Gelatinous Giant (voice)
Candy Candido
  Awful DYNN (voice)
Hans Conried
  King Azaz / The MathemaGician (voice)
June Foray
  Ralph / Faintly Macabre / Princess of Pure Reason (voice)
Patti Gilbert
  Princess of Sweet Rhyme (voice)
Shepard Menken
  Spelling Bee / Chroma The Great (voice) (as Shep Menken)
Cliff Norton
  akofonous A. Dischord / Tollbooth Speaker (voice)
Larry Thor
  Tock The Watchdog (voice)
Les Tremayne
  Humbug (voice)

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