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Children of the Corn


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 Written by
Donald P. Borchers Writer
Donald P. Borchers Screenplay
Stephen King Novel

 Directed by
Donald P. Borchers


 Release Date
September 26, 2009

1 hours and 32 minutes (92 minutes)

David Anders
  Burton Stanton
Kandyse McClure
  Vicki Stanton
Preston Bailey
Lexie Behr
  Little Girl
Zita Vass
  Ponytail girl
Alexa Nikolas
Daniel Newman
William Brent
  Additional voices (voice, as Billy Unger)

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This was a okay film. The original Children of The Corn was better. Preston Bailey did a wonderful job in this one. The children of the corn series are phenomenal, but this one shouldn't done better but overall a okay one.


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